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allenlondon | 15:08 Mon 23rd Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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News for those ABers kind enough to have expressed concern and interest in Mrs A’s illness.

After 12 days in the cardio unit she has gone down from 91.6 kg to 77.7, nearly all of it the oedema fluid. They want another 12 kilos from her!

Thus, the various diuretics have done their work, her kidneys are still functioning, her peripheral problems (foot ulcers and the like) are gradually being addressed, and they can move on to her heart.

Nothing but praise for Dr Nigel Stephens and his cardiology team. All heroes (and of course at a hospital in a London borough where Covid is rife).

I hope we get a few more years to add to our 51 together!

With thanks for all your kindness.



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Feedback much appreciated.
Everything moving in the right direction, good to hear Allen.
That's really good news Allen
Great news. Best wishes to you both
very good news xx
Sounds as though everything is moving in the right direction. So pleased for you both. Long may it continue.
that is such good news allen
The last post you put here made my eyes leak...this one has made me smile.....thank you and continued very best wishes to you and your wife.
Great news, Allen.
Onwards & upwards :-)
Good, I'm extremely pleased for you both,
Glad to hear that allen. Best wishes to you both
So pleased to read the good news. Long may it continue.
Oh. Really great news!!
That's really wonderful news, Allen. May Mrs A continue to improve.
Allen glad to hear things are moving in the right direction
That's very encouraging news Allen. Thanks for letting us know.
OMG, can you imagine how uncomfortable mrs. A must have felt with all that excess fluid. Great news Allen .
How lovely to hear such good news. Well done to everyone concerned.
Pleased for you, she must feel so much better already, this may be a regular procedure as long as it works. I know one lady who celebrated 50 dry out admissions 53 before it stopped being effective so fingers crossed.

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Mrs A Gets Along

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