Gabapentin - Problems With Common Sense!

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joko | 12:30 Wed 18th Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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weird one

i consider myself to have good common sense and a great problem solver - i naturally think through issues and work them out - its actually part of my job to be able to figure out a fast way to deal with an issue. usually when faced with something, i will instantly go into 'figure it out mode' and think of as may ways to solve as i can - its just kind of how i am
(not in some weird 'sherlock' way',or genius way, just normal way haha)

however, im now on gabapentin and ive found myself 'forgetting' to do it. not forgetting things, but forgetting to 'solve' forgetting to come to conclusions...

its not so much being unable to figure out solutions, more that i 'just dont do it' - if you get me? like it doesnt occur that there may be another solution.

very simple basic things that should be obvious to most people

its happened a few times that i know of - its possibly happened a few others and i havent realised

for instance - i broke the brush part of my electric toothbrush, and my 1st thought was damn and i took it to try to put the moveable head back onto it, and i was annoyed that i'd ruined it etc -now thats pretty normal for me, im pretty sure with a fiddle it will just go back on - but not once did i think, its no biggie - they are replaceable and disposable heads!
i was just irked and thinking 'now what!?'

i didnt try very hard to fix it and put it aside to do later - and then suddenly - about 2 days later it just came to me, that i dont need to bother.
i laughed to myself at being an idiot, but then was concerned how i could have not even thought of something so blatantly obvious!

and thats the kind of thing i mean - simple stuff, that usually almost anyone would think straightaway

i think its because it IS simple stuff i dont think of a solution.

if something was really obviously complicated i'd make a concerted effort to think it through and it'd be ok

i dont know its just weird and confusing

this has only happened about 4-5 times in about 5-6 months

has anyone else experienced anything like this?

my concern is, as i up my dosage bit by bit, it becomes more common and i stop realising - or maybe it gets far worse and becomes a real issue.

im hoping its just when i change doses or something and ill get used to it

thanks :)


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'Brain fog' can be a side effect of that drug. Some supplements that might help are suggested here:
i ended up in A&E after taking Gabapentin.
I don't like Gabapentin, never have and never will.
Unfortunately it is helpful in severe neuropathic pain from many disorders e.g diabetic peripheral neuropathy.
It's mode of action is uncertain although pathways concerned with cognitive performance and sleep patterns are well documented.
The only way you will get back to mental normality is to stop taking your medication and that may not be an option.
I doubt that the effects that you describe will ever be tolerated as long as you are on that medication.
I agree with Sqad. I have been on a variety of medications of the gabapentin type and now take none of them. They are addictive, turned me into a Zombie even in small doses and do nothing for chronic pain after a while.
mine occured when after taking it the room went round and round, and i was slurring my words, never again
and not through drink i might add
Learn a new habit, when something confounds you write down the problem and you may find that simple act brings back clarity. It doesn't happen too often so it seems like me foggy periods may be a fair trade off if it helps with pain.
I take it and do get brain fog and forgetful, but I'm nearly seventy so maybe its my age.
Sqad, what about Amitriptyline?I took for pain from a trapped nerve amd it worked for me although it takes one or two weeks to build up its effectiveness.
or maybe it's not a good drug theland.
Awful drug, Mrs Dag was on it some years ago, she had a nightmare of a time. Worse than it was prescribed for!
Doc in A&E said i had a really bad reaction to it. He wasn't kidding.
Danny.......therapeutics is not my forte but Amitriptyline and Gabopentin are entirely different class of painkillers,the former being better tolerated in the long and short term.
All drugs have side effects it doesn't necessarily make them bad drugs. it's up to the individual patient if the side effects outweigh the positive effects.

A good example was a drug in the early 80s that was brilliant for Severe urinary incontinence, the side effects c.f. Was an increase in the risk of heart attack/cardiac arrest
It was withdrawn, and I remember how the majority of patients taking it were devastated. I think about 80% would have gladly accepted that risk to have their ability to live a normal life back.

Amitriptyline and paracetamol are the only drugs I can tolerate for pain. Ibuprufen worked for me, but am now allowed to take it as I am on bloodthinners. I had such a bad time a few years back with Gabapentin, Pregabalin, Morphine patches, etc. that I would never take them again. Doctors now are reluctant to prescribe them for chronic long term pain.
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thanks all

thing is though - this is not brain fog, i know brain fog and do get it - part of my conditions - but in every way i was alert, awake, thinking sorting etc - it was just these bits were just not there.

it was different from usual mential fog - thats why i noticed it.

its different. its also not forgetting, its just the links and connections dont get made fast enough.

its also not brain farts - we all have those, quite normal usually - this lasts days and then solve itself days later totally at random it'll pop into my head while doing something else, for no reason.

everything else is fine, i dont feel sluggish or unable to think, nor am i struggling to think etc ... its like just this one little basic bit of info doesnt 'connect' as fast as it should, like my focus goes down another route and the actual answer is really slow to catch up

its quite hard to explain really, ive never had anything like it before - and i have brain fog often, but even then, i dont 'miss' such blatant connections - theyre just too simple to miss, even kids would get them
Joko, from distant memory I believe you and I have a similar condition. Those drugs I mentioned did not not cause ordinary brainfogs they did weird things to me. I still have brainfogs because of my condition.
When I was on them 15 + years ago, for TN, I could hardly string a sentence together at times. Also forgetflulness. Couldn't think properly, either. They also affect your vision. Apart from that, they were a god send regards awful pain.
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im fine with them now, they did give me double vision at first, but other than that no real side effects

certainly not slurring or having probs thinking or anything like that - i write stories etc and still working away on them happily, plotting, etc

im only 6 a day at the moment and intend to go up to 12 - most likely if i can tolerate them, not sure how much good theyre doing painwise yet though

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Gabapentin - Problems With Common Sense!

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