Weeping Oedema

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allenlondon | 15:58 Wed 11th Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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Any tips on how to treat weeping oedema? It’s coming out of Mrs A’s ankles and lower legs, and wrapping it seems to make it worse (a ‘wicking’ effect?).

GP always seems too busy with covid to take much interest.

Mrs A is distressed.


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You have done this before and the answers willbethe same in that there is no easy solution.
Dressings and District Nurses attendances are the only cards that you can play.

If your wife would be prepared to go into hospital then the oedema could be relieved by intravenous diuresis.

You have my sympathy.....believe me.
As Sqad says, there's no easy solution. Scroll down to 'Treatment strategies' here though to view the (very limited) options available to the medical profession:

Question Author
Thanks Sqad, Chris.
On a basic level, when my first husband had leaking cellulitis in both legs we would leave them uncovered and he would have puppy pads under his feet on the floor.
Interesting post by jakep 21.40 yesterday Allen.
May be worth a try.
My neighbour did the same sort of thing as jake's first husband. She found it much more comfortable during the day, wrapping at bedtime.
Thanks is a big problem for such sufferers.
Question Author
Mrs A spoke on the phone this morning to the heart consultant (actually head of cardio at Northwick Park, so we're lucky to get him), and he's told her that the best bet for her is to come in to the cardio unit for a fortnight while they drain at least a kilo a day's oedema.

A great relief for both of us. She will get proper nursing (I try but I'm not capable), and inshalla, in a couple of weeks will be restored somewhat.

I'll keep you posted.

Dr Stephens is a very kind man; we've been seeing him privately, but he's switching her to the NHS for this procedure, as we probably couldn't afford the private version. Very kind indeed.

Aww, best outcome for her.
So pleased.
Thanks for the feedback.
Great news Allen for both of you . Best wishes .
//////and inshalla, in a couple of weeks will be restored somewhat.///
a Muslim quote-:)
Good news. Best wishes to you both. A kind doctor indeed. x
A relief for both of you :)
Question Author
“ a Muslim quote-:)”

Sqad, seems appropriate, whichever kind deity hears.

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Weeping Oedema

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