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emmie | 06:05 Sun 01st Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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on doctors recommendation i was given this to buy for joint pain.
it's expensive from boots the chemist.
so was also told by same doctor they do their own brand. went into boots yesterday to buy
one for 2.99, only to be asked by the pharmacist if i have high blood pressure, i do.
he said it wouldn't be good as their own brand can increase your blood pressure. Has anyone heard of that.

i have ordered some off the net. voltarol will have to do.


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are there other effective joint pain gel relief medications.
Voltarol is a supposed to be a bit better than ibuprofen gel anyway. Make sure you get the stronger version it comes in two strengths. Ibuprofen gel is cheaper though,a lot cheaper so I have no idea why you found voltarol for less unless it's a small pack size.
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i have ordered the voltarol off the net for 8 quid, the boots own brand is 2.99. but as i said boots pharmacist said that their brand can increase your blood pressure.
As I put on the other thread Flexiseq is recommended by the arthritis research council but is very expensive
Your GP could try Capsaicin cream. It's made from chilli, burns like hell but has good results in trials. You need to start on the lowest strength because it can damage the skin in some people.
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my original post is somewhat confusing sorry, full of cold and brain not functioning well
Pain can increase your blood pressure too, if the GP is happy for you to take this family of drugs (naproxen is the same type) then I wouldn't worry too much as you get a far lower dose from the gels
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have naproxen finally, will take that later today with some omeprazole
Emmie, if you're taking voltarol, ibuprofen, naproxen (or similar pain killers) as a gel, there is no need to take omeprazol as well. It is used to protect the gastric system if you take these drugs by mouth. Rubbing in a gel goes nowhere near the gastric system.

I was told by a pain control consultant sensitive individuals can get GI effects from the gels as the oral versions don't directly affect the stomach lining but increase acid production . Those with thin older skin may well absorb enough to have minor effects of they absorb enough into their circulation. Not common but possible. We had to remember to do a skin assessment on elderly patient and those on steroids and suggest they were fairly sparing with the amount they used.
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i will take the naproxen orally. so will also take the omeprazole as well
Probably sensible if you have a history of gut problems
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i do. long term
Any medications or cream containing antiflammatories cannot be used if you are on bloodthinners (unfortunately).

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