18 Month Old Had A Temperature

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chrissa1 | 23:39 Sat 31st Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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My daughter who has been shielding due to her Crohns Disease visits a friends this morning for 10 minutes and then found out this afternoon that the child (18 months old) had a temperature and was taken to a test centre.

Could she have caught COVID from this child who sat on her knee for 10 minutes?


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Yes,she could but extremely unlikely.
Quite possibly, I’d imagine. But I think you should wait to see if the child is tested positive before worrying too much.
As sqad says. Same happened to one of my daughters but nothing came of it so dont panic.
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It’s very worrying. She has twin girls aged 18 months. Should she be wearing a mask until she finds out?
As others have said, it's unlikely that your daughter will have contracted Covid-19 from the child but IF the child tests positive then their close proximity for 10 minutes will render your daughter a 'contact' for the purposes used by the NHS Test & Trace service, requiring her to self-isolate for 14 days:
An 18 month old could have a fever for dozens of other, more likely, reasons than covid.
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Had four kids. We had no end of temperatures so please dont worry unduly.

Keep a close eye and if not happy phone your GP.

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18 Month Old Had A Temperature

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