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allenlondon | 15:44 Sat 31st Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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We got Mrs A a device (a very strong handle) to helpher getin and out of bed, but it can only be on one side, otherwise her damaged legs get in the way.

What she misses on her OTHER side is something to grab hold of, other than a handful of sheet!

Any ideas?



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You can get breakfast trays that clamp to the bedframe and swivel in and out. I'm thinking maybe your wife could swivel the tray part way over while she's lying down and then grab on to it - would that work? Would need to be fairly stable though.
allen, sorry that's not enough information for me to suggest anything
I have one on one side of my bed.
Very helpful.
Helps me get in and out.
Best wishes with your search.
Not fun being disabled :-(
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This is what we’ve got. (Play one of the videos, bottom left). User Recommendation

She could do with something to grab hold of with her other hand.
Check out the one that Rowanwitch has linked to or look at what else they offer.

They are a good company to deal with.
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Thanks mamya.

Mrs A can swing her legs onto the bed, just about, but couldn’t manoeuvre past any contraption at the middle or foot end of the bed.

The device we’ve got is similar in function to Rowan’s link. (See the Amazon video).
Allen, can you put what rowan has suggested, as near to the top of the bed as possible? We have people who have them both sides, but they tend to need help swinging their legs out, anyway.
Does she have a nursing bed?
also, i can recommend leg lifters - they are great
Smaller one that might not get in the way
Like Many a recommends. The complete care shop is brilliant. If you phone them their advisers might be able to steer you in the right direction. If it's just something to grab them a bed ladder might work as well, normally for people who need help to sit up but could be used just for a bit of extra stability when getting out of bed.
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Please watch the video! She already HAS a device at the top of the bed for helping with getting in and out.

It’s her LEFT hand that has nothing to hold on to.
The ladder can be used with either hand
i see - she needs to push down with both hands in order to stand up?is that the problem? In that case the ladder i linked to will be no good of course. Is she in a single?
what you need is something like you already have but that folds out of the way when she wants to get her legs in and out isn't it?
or perhaps s0mething like a traditional "cot side" that is short to put at the foot end of the bed, then when she is sitting on the edge, it can be pulled up so theres something to hold, but down when shes swinging her legs in and out?
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Just so we're clear.

Left hand pic show the way the thing works on our adjustable bed.

Right hand pic shows a model getting in/out of the bed.

Mrs A can scarcely swing her legs, certainly not bend them.

So the area at the FOOT of the bed has nothing for her to grab onto. The device helps a lot, as she has some strength in her arm/arms (although not much).

Would your suggestions work for this?

My suggestion of a short cotside looks a bit like my photos. You sort of slide it down when not in use

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