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emmie | 16:56 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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can someone advise if they have taken this medicine for pain relief, if it was
I have been prescribed it and will see how it goes, but am cautious as to it's
efficiency. does it interact with other meds. and do you need to take omeprazole with it.


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i couldn't put up with any more pain a moment longer, it's stopping me sleeping, so bit the bullet and called the GP.
What type of pain are you treating?

Naproxen is an NSAID (like Ibuprofen). If you are treating rheumatic pain, you might be better off with Etoricoxib.

Naproxen are good when combine with Paracetamol.
If it's a neuropathic pain you are suffering with, maybe Amitriptyline would be your best bet, however this acts as a sedative too. Maybe a good thing, maybe a bad thing??
Question Author
treating pain - osteoarthritis that is causing agony. Didn't know what else to do.
Question Author
no amytriptyline, i don't want a sedative they can be addictive.
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she has also advised me to buy diclofenac gel. i thought she might prescribe it, but not to be.
I have never taken Naproxin.
No serious drug interactions but take advice re ACE inhibitors (BP lowering tablets)
No need to take Omeprazole with it.
Try it for your pain.
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anything that helps sqad, have so much pain now, that am seriously thinking of asking for pain management team, and injections where necessary.
The information advice given with the drug is always useful . Never used it .
Husband uses it to prevent gout pain. He takes it with other meds for pain, and Omeprazole to prevent stomach problems.
I find a good ibuprofen more effective - as in countering gout (but now or Purinol for that). Good luck
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i have tried various combos of drugs, ibruprofen, paracetamol, but to no effect.
Naproxen didn't help my joint pain but we have to remember that everyone reacts slightly differently - give it a fair trial Emmie.
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will do mamy, thanks..
Have you tried tramadol?
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no to tramadol i know people who are on it, and are hooked.
I for one will never take Tramadol again - a nightmare.
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me neither, i have heard too many bad stories of this medicine, who can't get off the stuff.
As somebody has said Naproxen is the same as Ibuprofen. As Mamy says it may work for you.

Personally knowing the deep pain you are suffering, you need a stronger painkiller which would be the Tramadol.

A few years ago I thought my arm was going to fall off and got an emergency appointment with doctor who gave me Gabapentin. First ever painkiller that helped.
I had it but found it didnt help for my ra pain.

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