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emmie | 16:56 Wed 28th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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can someone advise if they have taken this medicine for pain relief, if it was
I have been prescribed it and will see how it goes, but am cautious as to it's
efficiency. does it interact with other meds. and do you need to take omeprazole with it.


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i am hoping that these tablets make you a little drowsy, if not then i shall be on here till the GMEB thread opens.
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however the cup a soup is warming and i certainly need that,
Meds is why I gave up drinking. I was on some you couldn't drink with, at all, apparently. 6 weeks on the meds and I didn't bother drinking again.
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i don't drink that much, though i did have three pints of Guinness the other day, spread over at least two and a half hours, the consequences were four visits to the ladies.
Morning emmie xxx
I've used it emmie, it's safe to use with your other meds. Your GP wouldn't prescribe it wasn't safe.
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we will see, if it causes side effects and those listed aren't good will have to revaluate.
Hi Emmie, I’m sorry that your pain is causing you such distress. I know you said you weren’t on any other meds but for the benefit of others, my GP Wouldn’t prescribe Naproxen for me because I’m taking a blood thinner (Rivaroxaban) and he said the combination would increase the risk of internal bleeding. Have you tried Zapain?
Rather than use voltarol gel you might want to try flexiseq it's recommended by the arthritis research council of whatever they call themselves these days. It is expensive but I tried it (also knacker ed knees) and used as recommended it seemed to work. Nothing however has worked better than exercises to strengthen my quads, this supports the joint and reduces pressure on the surfaces. You do need to do them at least four times a day so it takes discipline and is not a quick fix.
I have used Naproxine in the past, works for me. But of course everyone is different.
Have you actually got the medication now? If so I wonder why you chose ibuprofen rather than naproxen to take?
Seems strange not to, I can confirm Sqad's comment taking it with meals I didn't need a 'zole lucky really last time I had to take them pantoprazole that is it turned out I was allergic and Dave had to call an ambulance.
// pantoprazole that is it turned out I was allergic//

so you call it - pants-azole - because it is - pants

the advice is out there - you can follow it or not
all I know is diabetics are not meant to take it, but when I went to A&E a couple of years ago with pains in my ribs when I breathed, the doctor gave me it, it helped a bit where the morphine dose he gave me in the hospital did nothing.
oh morphine sent me completely crazy - it was only that I had broken all four limbs that kept me in bed
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how long before taking the naproxen should you take the omeprazole.
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i remember you have to take it with food, so after breakfast then
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bought some Night nurse, would anyone have a clue if i can take this with the Naproxine.....

Emmie, if you're buying these things at a Chemist then ask then why not ask the Staff.
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i forgot to ask. i have been taking the naproxin for days, and just today bought the night nurse, does anyone know if they are ok to take together

This is getting tedious!

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