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allenlondon | 11:31 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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Bit of a dilemma, not sure if there is really a solution.

As part of my prosthetic leg system, I have to wear a silicone 'liner' - a sock-like object which covers my stump up to and above my knee.

Not usually a problem, but one result is that the skin behind and around my knee is 'weak', i.e. prone to pimples, ulcers, skin-breaks, etc.

Most of the rub-in creams (like Neutrogena) are grand, but inclined to be a bit too greasy, so that when I put my liner back, it doesn't function properly (which is to be a tight, dry fit around my skin).

Any ideas welcomed!



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can you leave longer from application of cream to application of liner? rub in more?
Bio oil dries very quickly
Can you put a thin absorbent dressing in between the two?
Do not use creams, wash the stump with Hibiscrub, dry and apply the sock.

You can apply any cream such as sudocrem on an evening before going to bed, when you are not wearing your prosthetic.
I don't like sudocrem, it's quite drying. Ok for prevention as a barrier cream, but I wouldn't use it for something trying to heal, personally.
Pixie I use it all the time on humans and animals. For me it dries and moisturises, prevents the wound from totally drying out but stops it from going soggy.
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Kidney problems mean that going to bed is a temporary measure, but even a few hours with the cream should help.

As might all the suggestions, for which thanks.

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Weak Skin

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