A New Way Of Thinking About A Virus

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eve1974 | 08:25 Tue 27th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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Sore throat, sniffy nose. 9 months ago I wld have thought “darn it’s a slight cold “ now I’m wondering if I should share an office with my colleague n if I Shld wear a mask.
I’ll say it again... i hate this new way we have to think.


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I suggest no in both cases. Better to live properly than exist in doubts and restrictions. Sniffy nose is not a common sign of cov. You probably have a slight cold. It is that time of year.
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Yeah OG. Tbh im not worried about my own health (even if it were Covid ... which I doubt). It’s more thinking what if I spread it. I am going to treat today as a normal working day but just give my colleague who I share n office with the heads up. Then if she wants me to wear a mask I will do so ... for her sake
Wear a face covering where appropriate .

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A New Way Of Thinking About A Virus

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