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Baldric | 11:53 Mon 26th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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the Specialist (Nurses words) turned out to be a Nurse Practitioner in the Practice.
The wound now needs to be left uncovered so it can dry up a bit.
When I get home tonight will be the first time I have seen the wound undressed as it were, so despite the good advice offered I have been unable to do anything, but I should now be able to keep an eye on things.


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Maybe slingbag is a typo or autocorrect.

'Slingbag' is a coded trigger word signalling the Men of Kent to rise up and move Westward, razing Sussex to the ground before entering Surrey, heading North up the A3 and colonising Cobham as a staging point preparatory to entering Sarf Lunnon via Wandsworth and Battersea.

(So I am reliably informed.)
Good research there, Shoota.
ere shoo'a - - how you know vat?

[sarf lunnoners can only do f and v as in barf and bave]
which from the smell they dont do much of eeva
// Makes no sense.//

so what - its a roy from aus post !

give em hell Tashi - they dont read the posts as they are too busy falling over themselves making clever remarks
Who dat den, Peter?
So why do you take your personal lappy to work?
Surely when you either post or reply you could see the avatar and notice a slight difference?

Well, for a retired royal marine, who killed people for a living and a medical specialist who should be trained to see slight differences I guess not.
When's the next episode?
Is this on catch-up?
well, I think it must be nice to live in a house where there are more lovers than laptops
// 'Slingbag' //

I thought this was slingback
and wondered how you cd get a computer in a slingback and where you put your foot ( sight impaired)
// Well, for a retired royal marine, who killed people for a living//
well I am sure he has stopped killing people and it is safe for you to visit lozza
ter daah
People are not very kind Tashi - ignore them

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