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nelliebee | 11:23 Sun 25th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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In medical terms what does Polipheric Mendance mean, Thank you


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Is it a recent death certificate or many years old?
13:36 Sun 25th Oct 2020
google doesn't come up with anything, sure of the spelling?
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Have also Googled Could be poliph/eric Mendance
Never heard of it.
googling mendance I get a lot of videos of hunky chaps with not many clothes on ... not available on the NHS, I wouldn't think.
Have you been going to your gp rather a lot for minor things recently
Just a thought are you sure they didn't say polycythaemia vera
No.....and don't all me Vera.
Ok Gladys, just wondered if the op misheard.
jno, that's in your history now, you'll be getting related purchase suggestions!
perhaps if you gave us some context nellie?
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Asking for a friend, this seemed to be on a death certificate as cause of death. completely mystified thought I would try on here , thanks to all for your interest.
Is it a recent death certificate or many years old?
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Not quite sure will ask my friend for more details, thank you
It may be something related to a heart condition ( long shot) replace mendance with mendes:

Jacob Mendes or Mendez was an American physician.

He is particularly known for discovering Da Costa's syndrome (also known as soldier's heart), an anxiety disorder combining effort fatigue, dyspnoea, a sighing respiration, palpitation and sweating that he first observed in soldiers in the American Civil War and documented in an 1871 study.
He worked at Satterlee Hospital in Philadelphia where he studied over 400 patients with non-specific cardiac complaints. As a result of these studies, he identified a new condition he termed "irritable heart" (sometimes called Da Costa Syndrome) in 1862. By 1871 he published his landmark study of the condition.

If I remember my classics correctly 'poly' means multiple (?)

just a thought from a non-medical person.
oh, burger, I suppose you're right, TTT. Well, who knows, I may need a dance troupe in my living room some evening.
poly = many gk - latin is multi

τοιγὰρ δι᾽ ὀρθῆς τήνδ᾽ ἐναυκλήρεις πόλιν. (*)
( teiresias: you 'ave always sailed a straight ship - governed the city well - πόλιν.) - to Creon just before T rips a strip off C for Buring antigone (A) ALLLLIVVVVVVE !

fero - pheric - bearing
I wanted - timeo Danaos fdona ferentes ( Latin Aeneid) translated into koine: it never was

many - bearing -
Mendance - well the root is latin mendacious ( lie) which aint a help.
Greek is: κεῖμαι ,A.“κεῖσαι” Il.19.319, etc. which also doesnt help (*)
arabic - kdhab - still not helpful

so a clear dont know on that one

Da Costa's syndrome is a psychiatric disorder in which the patient experiences chest pain which may mimic angina. It is found commonly, but not exclusively, in women in association with other symptoms of anxiety.

altho from the description by apg it sounds good for PTSD expressed as cardiac sign post 1865 and I just wonder if anyone has noticed that

(*) as Naomi said last time: foo you bin busy wiv Google Chrome!
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Thank you all.

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