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DarceyK123 | 20:20 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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You often hear people saying they have got through their dark times with the help of deceaced relatives. For example "oh i couldn't have got through xxx without my late husband/Mother/Father".

Well, i was always very close to my Dad who died over 20 years ago and always thought that he would be there for me in one form or another should i need his support.

The past 2 years have been probably the worst of my life but i have felt no 'comfort' if thats the right word, from anywhere. I feel so let down maybe he's not looking out for me as i had hoped.

Sorry, but I'm feeling so upset at the moment.


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Darcey, I personally think the we are not in touch with spirits and I think we have to get through life on our own. Maybe some others here might give you more comforting comments. I wish you well.
Sorry to hear you've been going through a difficult time, Darcey. Do you have friends or family you can talk to?
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Tigger, yes i do talk to others which does help, but am disappointed to not to have felt the comfort others claim they have,

also my Dad would have done anything for me on Earth so he's obviously not up there or he would have helped me somehow by now.
Sorry you're struggling, darcey... I don't see how anybody really is in touch with any spirits, but people sometimes look for signs that they choose to see that way and get some comfort.

Your dad is part of you... that's how he is still there, but you also need to look for comfort from people around you xx
Take Heart - only about 50% of anglo saxons hear the dead relatives so you are in the 50% that dont

I keep quiet about now it as I was awarded a visit to the psychiatrist ( who was Iranian and clearly didnt know ( until I told her ) that the English have this - - - er - - characteristic, or quirk. )

I reckon it is why the anglo were so easy to convert - - in er 600 AD. easy - your relatives arent in Valhalla, but heaven and they are waiting to speak to you,,,,

Dont feel bad about it - oh god does any one have dead relatives that nag them just like they did in life?
You know he would comfort you if he could, he hasn't abandoned you - you know that really.

Some may feel a more physical presence than others, ( or think they do) that's all. ((X))
Darcey I’m sorry you’re struggling. It sounds like if your dad were alive he’d be really supportive. It must be hard not to be able to “feel” his guidance from above. I don’t believe deceased can communicate after they’ve passed. At. All.
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Thank you Pixie, i know really there is nothing up there but was looking for signs to prove me wrong, unfortunately it looks like i know now there can't be, which has deflated me somewhat.
Just put it down to you not being the psychically sensitive type. Nothing says you aren't being looked out for just because you don't sense it.

Meanwhile, my hope that tomorrow will be a less low time for you.

I'm sorry to hear that... I never thought there was, but I hope just memories and knowing he would help if he could... would help you feel a little less alone.
This seems to be something more recent that has made you miss him especially now... maybe write him a letter?
exactly what OG said
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Thank you all , I'll be ok in the morning x
Take care- and let us know if you aren't xx
My mum died in 1990 - she is still with me at times. Not often and not when I thought she would be, but when I least expect it. Hang on and keep in touch.
when Mr Em died, quite quickly of cancer i said to myself why would anyone believe in a God that takes away good people, and many bad of course, i come to the conclusion there is no god, no one to rail against though i did at the time.

sorry you are going through such a tough time, my very best wishes to you
Mr Em hasn't come back except in my dreams, and they have often been upsetting, he doesn't comfort me at all.
I believe in God, and that He will comfort you, when you earnestly search for Him.
There is no afterlife, no one looking down, perhaps you are too intelligent to be a victim to that sort of fancy. You know in your inner core that all our strength come from within, we may get support from friends but when we survive it's because we are strong.
o god emmie
I am sorry to hear that - (Mr M is in my dreams and it upsets me)

when I looked ( stared in horror) at the signs that inevitably meant I had cancer - I heard my mother say clearly - "Yes this is cancer".
This is what earned me the visit to the psych. She explained - the Iranian (we had to go thro the content of my hallucinations which I found really weird because I knew I was hallucinating ( and I knew if they took me off the drug which was causing it they would stop - they did and it did) - and SHE explained that the truth was so awful to contemplate ( the consequences were, I can tell you) . that I needed an authority figure to enforce it.

this is commonplace

and here we are on a coldish day - and I hope it is better

o god I dreamt that I had educated the whole of my suburb last week - there's wish fulfillment ( Freud) for you !
Nest stop AB ! joke joke!
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Thank you all for your comments and support, i feel much better now having 'writing' it down. Things are always worse at night i feel.

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