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fruitsalad | 13:09 Thu 22nd Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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OH has 3 Christian names officially named Peter Steven Harry, but he has always, from a young child, been called Harry, thats what we all know him as and thats the name he gives when asked, his birth certificate is Peter Steven Harry but our marriage certificate is printed Harry Steven Peter, could this cause problems later with things like life insurances etc.,


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Possibly. One example might be when nominating a beneficiary on a pension.
That link refers to mistakes.This seems to have been entered deliberately.I would contact your local Register Office and get their advice.
Whether deliberate or not, it's still a mistake.
My Husband was in the same situation, on the more official forms there was usually a space for (also known as).
This is exactly the reason why both of my daughters have just one name each.

I have a first name which I never use, causes all sorts of confusion.

When 21 in hospital after tonsils removed the board at the bottom of the bed read.

James x xxxxxxxx. When I awoke the patients kept asking, "Are you Ok Jim"

They thought I was deaf.

I have now given up and answer to both, lol.
no not really
they will take the money hur hur hur

there isnt much you can do
seeding "there is a mistake in ma hubby's info " will in my opinion just create confusion

even raising it at the bank will cause pandemonium ( MLR again )
my friend Peter-Michael Bentley Bootham Smyth wanted to trade under Peter Smyth for rather obvious reasons
and jesus didnt the bank groan, wince and pout
Their "solution" was to trade as Peter Smyth and whenever any one made a payment say "foo my real name is Peter Michael etc but no one really knows that so make it payable to dat please "
We stared in disbelief at how wonderful this solution was gonna be (for the bank who of course need adjust nothing beside shuffle on their fat overpaid arrisses).

My late papa Pavel Pedant had ONE paper as Pavel-Pyotr Pedant, and 1935 Jesus didnt the British Authorities make a song and dance about that ! and yet when as a son of the Empire he went to fight 1939 for King George .....
I would leave it and handle it when it comes up

think laterally - John Smith ( or smiff ) when he dies - suppose some bright clerk says - how do I know this refers to the dead John Smiff and not an interloper?

[famous 1970s extradition case where the Oirish Judge in Dublin held exactly that ]

It may be a dream but I handed in a DC for Richard Brown and someone actually actually said " are you Richard Brown?" and I said no - you will notice that Richard Brown is dead and I am not dead.
ANd I got al ook of "oh we have a bright one here"
My birth certificate says Frances Karen, gave always been known as Kaeen. Apparently when you were christened in the catholic church some priests woukd only allow saints names as your first name. My sisters are Catherine Diane (known always as Diane) and Bernadette Colette (known as Colette). My marriage certificate, passport, driving licence in fact every document apart from BC says Karen Frances and no one has ever questioned it.
Sorry spelling is atrocious should read 'have always been known as Karen'
you're okay to change your name to whatever you want as long as you're not trying to defraud anyone. This doesn't apply to official documents like passports, which need to be in your birth name, but insurance documents shouldn't matter - the only question is whether you're the person who took them out.

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