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eve1974 | 20:36 Wed 21st Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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We want to have some friends from diff houses come for lunch.

Home 1: 2 adults

Home 2: 1 adult

Home 3: 1 adult

Home 4 : 2 adults (my husb and I) who will host the lunch.

So it’s 6 adults from 4 homes. Is this allowed?

We are in tier 1


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R U all in tier 1 area's?
Its okay by the laws. Your strongly advised to socialy distance and its risky and your call a think
Depends which Tier you’re in. I think if you’re in Tier 1, then T2 and T3 can’t visit you.
It'll all end in tiers.
Question Author
All in tier 1

As for old geezer ... a great big chuckle. Very good pun
Oh, but I think even if you’re all T1 you still have to be outside.
the low one can be in or out
A think you can do it in the house if tier 1.
The wording is

Tier 1
Meeting with others

You can see people from different households both indoors and outdoors, but only in groups of up to 6 people.
It's not law just guidance carry on as normal, police arentgoing to knock on your door?
So far as I know (also Tier 1) yes. Our choir comprises 6 persons made up of 2 married couples and 2 singletons and that's OK.
>>> It's not law just guidance


The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 2) (England) Regulations 2020, as amended by paragraph 2(3)(a)(1) of the Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (No. 2) (England) (Amendment) (No. 4) Regulations 2020] states:
"During the emergency period, no person may participate in a gathering which consists of more than six people unless—
(a) all the people in the gathering are from the same household, or are members of two households which are linked households in relation to each other . . . "
Why would you want to risk mixing with so many different households anyway? Could you be sure that those people had not been mixing with however many other people in the days prior to meeting you - I would be very wary. They could all then go away and mix with however many other households and that is how these things spread.
spot on lankeela, we cant allways be sure how safe everyones been. Meeting up is a personel choice but especially if there is hugging or close contact within a meter my advise would be for all of yous
to selfisolate afterwards sos not to risk infecting other's.
All so, if anyone is in a vunerable group or is abit unwell they may be risking it by going
I would hazard a guess that eve is aged 46. If she and her friends are all around that age then the chance of them becoming seriously ill, multiplied by the chance that they might contract the virus in the first place (i.e. the "risk" to them presented to them by such a gathering) is very, very low. So, no, they can't be sure that none had been "mixing" or that they had taken the necessary precautions. But then they can't be sure they will not be knocked over and killed by a bus on their way there either.
Annother reason not to go then, thanx judge. What about when they go home and then visit and maybe huggle there parents.
May be a masked ball if your going to have a party eve
If one of them gets knocked over by a bus they won’t be taking anyone else out with them - unless the bus swerves after the collision and crashes into a big group of people nearby.
Your wrong anyway judge as lot's of younger peopel have been getting the virus. Look at students and the big rise in 30s & 40s who have had it. They often have no symtoms and allmost allways recover but they can be carriers and can infect vunerables.
That's perfectly legally but you'll need a very big dining table if you're all going to socially distance over lunch.
It’s all rather confusing really. Goon but not forgotten.
Ha, good one dillydo. Make sure there are no children in the house and no unexpected visiters arrive
//Your wrong anyway judge as lot's of younger peopel have been getting the virus.//

You must pay attention :-)

I didn't say young people were not getting it. In fact, on current figures, far more younger people than older people are getting it. But the chances of them suffering serious symptoms are extremely low. So the overall risk to them (the likelihood of them catching it multiplied by the likelihood of them suffering serious symptoms) is correspondingly low. That is the thrust of my entire argument. Most people (i.e. the fit and young) will not suffer serious symptoms. Yes, they may pass it on to others but then others must take whatever precautions they think fit according to their individual risk. It is unreasonable to expect everybody to take extreme measures to avoid catching a disease that is unlikely to cause most of them any great harm simply in order to protect those for whom the illness is a major issue.

//If one of them gets knocked over by a bus they won’t be taking anyone else out with them//

Yes I'm aware of that. I was trying to demonstrate that nobody knows for certain what's going to happen to them once they step outside the front door and trying to envisage all the eventualities will drive you crackers (as it seems the threat of Covid has done to many people). See above for my views on why everybody should not take the same precautions.

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