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Tilly2 | 13:44 Wed 21st Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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...still hasn't popped. The infection has gone after taking the antibiotics but the tick head is still in there. I am bathing it with hot salty water and have had a go at squeezing it but all that happens is that the skin abrades and a clear fluid comes out. Yesterday, I resorted to a needle and tweezers but made a right mess and it's now very very sore sore.

Any suggestions as to how it can be drawn out?


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magnesium paste? but you will have to let it heal first, I don't think you can put it on open wounds.
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I know that's good for splinters, Woof. I had thought of using it. I didn't know you couldn't put in on open wounds.
Lol......I thought that magnesium paste was only effective in open wounds. It works by osmosis drawing out the pus which wouldn't work if skin was in the way.

We had over 100 posts about your question Tilly, 90 completely inappropriate all that nonsense about Lyme Disease.
Either a) leave it well alone and forget about it OR b) take some sterilised eye tweezers and dig it out.
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Thank you, Sqad. I tried tweezers yesterday and made a pig's ear out of it. I'm too much of a woos to delve deeper into it. It flippin' hurts.
I don't think you're a wuss, I'm not sure how I would have coped with a tick's head embedded in me all this time (ugghh). Has anyone mentioned drawing it out with Epsom salts at all?
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A wuss, not a woos! Thanks ILM. (Shame on me)

No, no mention of Epsom salt. I'll look it up. Thank you.
Given the location,it would be far easier for someone else to cut it out. Is there no one who could help Tilly?
Hopefully they should draw it out in a day or two.

I quite likes 'woos' actually!
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No, Mamya. No one to help :-(

I need to go out and get some Epsom salts. I have never bought any.

If you put an ice cube on top of the wound for a few minutes, it will numb the area then just have another go with the needle.
Don't bother to look it up.....Epsom Salts ARE Magnesium sulphate and the same principle applies.....
I remove difficult splinters with a raisin. Don't know if that would work for a tick head. There is also the credit card method for tick heads. Have a google of those..x
I vaguely remember that years ago mustard-poultices were used to "draw" stuff out. Perhaps Sqad can comment on that.
Hope it works tilly, you have been very brave imo.
Get a camp fire going.. Put your Bowie knife in the fire. Bite the cork out of your bottle of whisky and have a slug. Cut the bite with your red hot knife.
Suck the critters head out of the wound and spit it on the fire.

Drink the rest of the whisky.. You will be fine tomorrow.
It a always works on Telly !
sanmac....Dijon or Coleman's?
alava, then get a job in the circus if you can suck your own clavicle:-)
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Right, I'll try the mag. sulphate.

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