N/S Or E/W ?

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Khandro | 12:29 Sat 17th Oct 2020 | Body & Soul
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Which orientation for your bed is best?

Do you care? does it matter?

I usually sleep east - west but due to house alterations I'm in a different bedroom & sleeping north- south, could this be why I'm experiencing extraordinary vivid dreams the last few nights I wonder?


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More likely because you are in a different bedroom. Are you sleeping in your usual position, whether that be on your right side, left side, back etc
I have never thought about it and couldn't care less. I doubt it has anything to do with your dreams. More likely the stress of your house alterations.
That's interesting. My bedroom faces east...but bed is n/s. Few dreams.
Have been sleeping in west facing spare bedroom due to ocassional ceiling leak. Bed faces e/w there...many more dreams that I actually remember.
Maybe its just the change, not the direction?
no idea and I think the one you believe is best will be best for you
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I never thought about it much, but I've just looked on the internet & this yoga guru says head to east is best ;
My orientation when I get in isn't always the same as when I wake up.
Never given it much thought, and suspect it doesn't much matter.

The only thing I can think of that may have minor effect might maybe possibly be the planet's magnetic field. Since those magnetic lines go north/south I can't see how one could argue that an east/west bed should head east for best affect.
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OG Have you looked at my link above?
i was told your head should always be on the North wall
Could be, I suppose. Your post started me thinking. Our bed lies E/W and, thinking back, it lay W/E in France in last house. I think I sleep more soundly here. OH, however, has more vivid dreams which result in him becoming quite violent physically whilst asleep - kicking-out etc.. I think any changes disorientate you because when in holiday cottages I often find sleep patterns different. This doesn't help at all, but nice to chat. :)
Not until now. Still unconvinced.

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N/S Or E/W ?

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