Arthritis In The Knee

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jonah hart | 21:14 Wed 30th Sep 2020 | Body & Soul
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My mum's got really bad arthritis in her knees.
Over the last couple of weeks it's been especially bad in one of them to the point she's literally been unable to walk so i got her a zimmer frame.
The doctor prescribed cocodamol which hasn't helped at all so she's taking paracetamol and ibuprofen that are taking the edge of but she still can't walk unaided.
The pains moved to the back of her knee now so she's wondering if she's got cold in it.
The doctor as suggested she go for an xray to determine how bad it is as to whether she as a steroid injection but said it's extremely painful!
As anyone had this before?
And also as anyone any suggestions on how to ease the pain?
Any advice would be really appreciated.
My mum's 70 and hates being housebound and dependent.
P.s the doctor as gave her a tablet to take to help her stomach due to her taking the ibuprofen long term.
Many thanks x


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Voltarol works wonders for me.
I am rapidly approaching the same state. I'm 71. Steroid injections are a bit painful, but I have only had them in my wrist. They do work, however so I reckon that they are worth it.

It sounds as if your mum needs what I need i.e. new knees. I had my hips replaced in France and my surgeon told me (at the last one 2014) that knee replacements had come on tremendously and are now standard surgery. (He did them both and was working on ankles.) If I could afford it I would go back there and just ask him to get them done - but your mum and I are stuck with the NHS.

Anyway - go for the x-ray to get proper information and put up with the injection. The doctor will use a local anaesthetic, but as it wears off it will be sore for a couple of days - worth it if the result is pain-free movement for a good few weeks. I avoid tablets as much as possible and stick to paracetamol when forced to take a painkiller. If she can't walk unaided then she really needs swift action and needs to be more pushy.
what kind of arthritis is it? Rheumatoid or wear and tear?
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Thanks so much jourdain2 I'll let my mum know, she's pretty feisty for her age and been through alot so im sure if she knows the steroid would work she'd give it a go x
Woofgang - I'm not actually sure, i think rheumatoid as she as rheumatism in her should alot x
Thanks JimF ill get her some, i knows she's tried ibrelieve but not voltarol x
Wasting your money with Voltarol,imo,Iboprufen Gel is just as effective.
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Thanks everhelpful, ill buy it all if it helps Haha x
Was told I needed a knee replacement but I was too young and I carried on for 25 years, before I finally couldn't walk at all. In those years I was never without constant pain.
All I can say is the replacement knee completely changed my life as I have absolutely no pain whatsoever and walk in excess of 10 miles a day.
//...that knee replacements had come on tremendously and are now standard surgery.//

They've certainly come on and they are "standard". But they are by no means to be taken lightly. There is an adage in the bone industry: "If you can walk away from a knee replacement - walk away." It is a major procedure which requires considerable intensive rehabilitation - far more than hips.

That said, sounds like your Mum cannot now walk away. Problem is, because the NHS has near enough ceased "elective" (as if you'd choose to have a knee replacement) surgery for the last six months she's in for a long wait. Don't even think of going private. Private hospitals have been requisitioned by the NHS to cope with the masses of hospitalisations that were expected and cannot offer any normal services.
The only real solution probably is knee replacement surgery. I had arthritis in my hip and could barely walk with the pain. Then had hip replacement at 73 years old and it was like a miracle. Knees are more challenging than hips re recovery after surgery, but I’m sure it would be worth it for your mum.

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Arthritis In The Knee

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