Protect Yourself With Good Nutrition

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pastafreak | 11:02 Mon 21st Sep 2020 | Body & Soul
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Interesting article about the role of nutrition in the fight against Covid. Written by an Israeli endocrinologist...and she is not alone in her observations. I've read similar articles over the past few months. It's not a cure, but gives the body more ammunition.
So there is more we can do along with social distancing and protecting ourselves when out and about. Maintain a healthy weight, up your vitamin D levels, reduce your risk factors where possible.


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Pasta.....all on AB reconise and respect your interest in the part played by diet in healthy living and disease.
I have never heard of this particular Endocrinologist but I have read your link.
It is all good advice which has been served up for the past half century at least and there really is very little to dispute.
The problem is getting the population to abide by this advice.
Books,diets and informed advice doesn't and hasn't worked.
Your post is particularly on diet and the Co19. I respect that,probably as a reminder rather than a new piece of medical evidence.
I see it as simply a timely reminder that a good balanced diet is best for all round health anyway.

We know it even if we don't always follow it.

Have been on Vit D for a few years now.
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Thanks for reading Sqad and Mamya.
I agree...none of this is new. But I do believe people need reminding that health starts with food.
Good food and a good diet has always been important for our health, it’s not really anything new.
Those who know this will continue, those who don’t really care then it won’t make a scrap of difference to how they shop and eat.
^ Earth shattering!!
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Are you being a bit sarky ilm?
Pasta, the book arrived yesterday.
Was a tad disappointed as there are a lot of recipes I didn’t really like. However, I’m being open minded and will have a good browse and try some I wouldn’t necessarily choose.
There are maybe half a dozen which we both really fancied though. Worth a tenner, so thank you for the recommendation.
Ps. Some things I just ignore ;)
My best friend has a son who eats a pretty bad diet really. He's vegetarian these days but still tucks into pizzas etc and probably misses out on a lot of nutrients. He is 26 now and I have known him since he was born. As sure as I`m sitting here, he has never, ever had a cold. *** the diet, but I will be more than happy to get as much Vitamin D as possible, preferably on a beach somewhere aborad (not in this crappy country)
do all the above
and lastly remember folks - dont get Covid!


India is not really a nation of fatties and has a low mortality so there are other factors at work
^ Very high rates of diabetes in India though.

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Protect Yourself With Good Nutrition

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