It’s Not A Cataract

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chrissa1 | 22:28 Fri 18th Sep 2020 | Body & Soul
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.....but, Age Related Macula Degeneration.

I don’t know if I’m pleased or incredibly worried. I’ve saved £2K but don’t know what the treatment will result in. I’m being referred to the RVI and it will be treated by the NHS as it’s serious. Help!!


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Hi chrissa, serious but treatable. It’s difficult when you are on your own . Have you spoken to your daughter ?
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Yes, Anne. My treatment has to be here in Northumberland so there’s not a lot she can do. My son is here and took me to the hospital this evening and will be on hand to drive me to appointments.

Thanks, Chris. I’ll check out your links.
I can understand your mixed feelings, I was similar - thought I had cataracts then discovered I had open angle Glaucoma and it had done some damage.

You'll feel better once you've seen a specialist and know what the plan is.

Best wishes.
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Thanks, Mamya. X
There are two kinds of macular degeneration, the dry kind, which I have in one eye. This one is not treatable and is called the chronic kind. It normally takes about 5 years before you notice a difference to your eye sight and then you gradually start to lose your central vision. The other kind is wet and this needs urgent treatment and will involve having injections in the eye, probably on a regular basis. The dry kind can turn wet, about 15 per cent do. I have a graph with lines on it and if they turn wavy then it could be that it has and I have to get urgent attention. The Macular Society have a number you can ring and they are very helpful. Good luck.
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Thanks for that, riptide. From what the specialist said, I have the wet variety and will be referred, urgently.
good luck
You should be seen within 2 weeks then, if you are having problems contact The Macular Society and they will help. It will all be covered by the NHS. I know someone who has the wet kind and she has injections every two weeks. She said that they are not painful but she normally feels like she has grit in her eyes the next day and takes pain killers for a day or so.
My mother has just been diagnosed with exactly this, she is 81. She thought that she had a cataract but when she went to her appointment was told that it was advanced AMD. She has had to wait a lot longer than two weeks for her first appointment which is on Tuesday. She is also on her own, and sadly I don’t live anywhere near her. Do let me know how you get on.
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I will, Scarlett.
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The RVI rang me this morning and I have an appointment on 1st October.
Good,ask as many questions of them as you feel you need. x

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It’s Not A Cataract

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