Swollen Ankle

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hannah40 | 12:26 Fri 18th Sep 2020 | Body & Soul
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My Husbands ankle just one ankle is purple and swollen and is tender to touch.
No injury to ankle.
I’m going to get him a GP appointment just wondered if any one else has had this problem.


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Hard to say not knowing what else he's got (diabetes? fat? heart? etc).

All I'd say is this. Get to the GP fast, and don't be fobbed off without an x-ray.

I had a painful swollen ankle 18 years ago, wouldn't get better, tight-fisted GP wouldn't send me for an x-ray (fund-holding practice, so it would cost him money).

Ended up losing the leg!

My fault initially, as at the time I was an alcoholic, but make sure you get proper treatment!

Good luck, hannah40.

As Allen has said, I don't know your medical history BUT from what you have said,this is probably no big deal and may well resolve without medical intervention.
It may well be a flat up of osteoarthritis of the ankle and resolve within a week by taking Ibuprofen 400mgms every 6 hours with food and monitor the situations over the weekend.

No,I have never had such a that important to you?
No I have not had this problem, but if I did eg. swollen, painful, Purple , I would seek medical advice. I hope you return to inform us of ? diagnosis so sqad can say ( told you ) :-) .
I've had a similar condition in my ankle twice. In both cases it turned out to be cellulitis and was fixed with antibiotics (although it took three courses on the second occasion).
Chris is chemo finished ? ( excuse me Hannah )
[With apologies to Hannah]:

I had my final (10th) chemo session yesterday, Anne. Just 37 sessions of radiotherapy to look forward to now, probably starting in around 6 weeks time!
It’s hard going Chris. Keep well .
Thanks, Anne. You too!
Didn't know about your "problem" but I'm a sufferer too. Diagnosed 10 years ago with Prostate cancer, had surgery followed by 6.5 weeks of radiotherapy. Just thought I'd mention the radiotherapy - it goes really quickly ( or it seemed to to me !) and apart from the hard bed you have to lay on it's quite painless. I had my therapy at St Luke's Cancer Centre at Guildford and met some wonderful people. Hope all goes well for you.
Well Chris, you are half way there, onwards and upwards, wishing you all the best.
[With apologies again to Hannah]:

Thanks, Fbg40. The road I'll have to drive along to get to the hospital on 37 occasions includes the bit of road that I cycled along for 7 years to get to school, so it'll just be old familiar territory for me ;-)

The radiotherapy should have fewer side effects than the chemo, so I know it won't be too bad.

Thank you too, TonyV!
I know that heart failure can cause swollen ankles as my granny had it.
^^^ When I went to my GP on the second time that I ended up being diagnosed with cellulitis, Musivtv2019, I said that I was worried because my father had has swollen ankles due to a heart problem and wondered if I was following in his footsteps. The doc's response was "No, definitely not. Heart problems always lead to the swelling of both ankles. So it's got to be something else in your case".
^^^ Minor typo:
"had has" > "had had"
My granny definitely has heart failure she was diagnosed about 3 or 4 years ago and admitted to hospital.
^^^ Nobody's disbelieving you, Musictv2019!

All I said is that, according to my GP, oedema caused by heart problems always affects BOTH ankles, and not just one (as Hannah's hubby is currently experiencing).

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Swollen Ankle

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