Forgot Prescription - Any Bright Ideas??

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Smowball | 11:10 Sun 09th Aug 2020 | Body & Soul
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I forgot to collect my prescription yesterday from my pharmacist and I cannot go one day without it otherwise I am in extreme discomfort. (Omeprazole for bad acid reflux). My friend said she thought that if I take some sort of proof that I take this to another pharmacist then they might give me enough for today and tomorrow??
Has anyone heard of this? I haven’t.


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phone 111 and ask them what to do.
Question Author
Can you phone them for things like that??
You can buy it over the counter apparently. Try your local pharmacy
Would Gaviscon help for today?
You don't need a prescription for Omeprazole.
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You can buy it over the counter? I didn’t know that

You will probably have to travel and provide evidence of why you need then medication. Maybe take the old prescription slip and packaging?
There is a rota for sunday opening for a few hours - check the door or their website to see who it is.
Smow as I understand it 111 is for anything like that
Phone your chemist that is open today and ask if you can buy it and how much is it. Have just put it in the search engine on Boot's website and it came up with their own brand and it's £9.99 for 14 tablets.
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Well I never - you learn something new every day. You guys are lifesavers as usual x
go along and ask
and if no ( I think no)
then buy Ranitidine - which is the older cheaper alternative

( your fren' sounz like the usual o god AB advice)
oh you mean to a pharmacist who doesnt know you - o god)[again]

I have never hear of POM meds being handed over with a scrip
// You don't need a prescription for Omeprazole.//
I think you might need to check on that

anyway Ranit - which IS over the counter
is an alternative
Is ranitidine back on sale? Last i heard it had been removed due to contamination.
111 is online, you don't even need to ring them xx
i know about online purchase because I did it for my dog. You have to complete a questionnaire that generates a prescription and then they send it out. yes yes ok I lied on the questionnaire :)
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Still trying to find a pharmacy that’s open lol
Some of your supermarkets will probably have a pharmacy. Both our Tesco and Sainsbury's do.
have you spoken to 111?

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Forgot Prescription - Any Bright Ideas??

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