Breaching Lockdown?

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Scarlett | 22:39 Thu 06th Aug 2020 | Body & Soul
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My friend lives with his mum and dad. He has been seeing his Nan and also his brother, sister in law and their kids. That’s three households. He works in a shop at weekends.
He also does voluntary work maintaining a currently closed theatre. There are other people there too.
He has arranged to spend next week traveling to a different county with his girlfriend and best friend, to stay in the house of another couple.
So that will be four households under one roof. He will then travel back home after a week and continue seeing his parents, Nan, brother and family. I’m lost as to what the current rules are. Is what he is doing against the law? Needless to say they are all young and think they are untouchable. It makes me
angry because I’ve been shielding since March, and it’s people like him who are perpetuating this virus. What can I do, if anything?


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I don't think you can do anything except keep away from him.
I agree with Woofgang - I follow my own guidelines and those that want to fly too close to the flame follow theirs.
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It’s just so annoying as we work creatively together and at this rate I will never see him since I have to shield. Is he breaking the law or is it just advisory?
According to the rules/guidelines, only 2 households are supposed to meet indoors. You can't do much about it other than asking whether said friend thinks it's a good idea.
>>> I’m lost as to what the current rules are

You're definitely not alone! For England though, see here:
>>> Is he breaking the law or is it just advisory?

According to the BBC website

. . . and the Metropolitan Police website

. . . the police have no powers to enforce social distancing, per se. i.e. it's solely advisory.
I'm surprised he can get by financially if he only works in a shop at weekends. Hardly a money spinner.
Scarlett, you may be choosing to shield but you don't have to ie its not compulsory. Having said that I don't fall into a shielding category and I would stay well clear.
Both of my neighbours have been mixing with family and friends since the beginning of lockdown. I’m in an one of the areas where households have been told not to mix in gardens and houses but again it hasn’t made any difference to their behaviour. I just keep out of their way.

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Breaching Lockdown?

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