I Can’t Move!

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Scarlett | 13:08 Fri 31st Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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Back went getting out of the shower 3 days ago. I can only lie on my side.
Sitting on the edge of my bed is agony and standing / walking to get to the loo makes me cry. This is day 4. I’ve been taking diazepam (6mg a day) yesterday and today- just makes me dozy, doesn’t touch the pain. Have had the odd ibuprofen but I’m not really supposed to take them. GP no help. Physio suggested small movements lying down. I have disc bulges, stenosis and facet joint arthritis so could be anything. Have you had back pain so bad you couldn’t move for days, and when did it start to get better?!


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Sounds like sciatica. Had it once, awful pain. Could not stand up.

Toilet visits were a nightmare , just pain in legs though.
Why is the GP no help Scarlett? I'd suggest give yourself a couple of days rest to recover, a soak or two in the bath to help relax the muscles, and if you're the same in a couple of days, get yourself to the GP/hospital.
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Thanks. It’s not sciatica as it’s back pain (not leg). Just agony when I try and straighten up. Can’t get in the bath or shower unfortunately as I have a shower seat and sitting hurts too much! Surely there must be a painkiller that gets rid of pain?!
Back in 1994 Rum and paracetamol worked for me, lol.
have you tried either heat or cold at the source of the pain? Both work well, it depends on your preference.
If your GP cannot/will not prescribe any pain relief (if he won't, you should change GP), the best over-the-counter painkiller I could recommend is co-codamol. You can get really strong ones in Morrisons, if you have one near, and someone to get them for you.
If you are going to take co codamol (I know I say this every time) up your fibre and liquid intake and if you prefer dry forms of fibre (weetabix, wholemeal bread, etc) then MEGA up your liquid intake.
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I have cocodamol
And could take it, but doc said just take diazepam.
Does diazepam actually relax muscles or just make you feel woozy?? So far I’ve felt no pain benefit at all.
I had a similar event here in Ireland - absolutely unable to move with back spasm and pain.

My (excellent) GP :

a: gave me a whacking big dose of anti-inflammatories by injection in the (ahem) 'buttock'

b: prescribed 10mg diazepam tablets - to take one very last thing at night - to ensure relaxed sleep (boy was I relaxed!)

c: prescribed 30/500 strength co-codamol for pain relief

d: prescribed lactulose (plus lots of water) to counteract the unwanted side-effect of (c)

It took a week to walk without a stick and about three weeks to get back to some kind of normal(ish)

Hope you get some relief soon

Should have said - a longish, strong stick with a good grip( I used a walking pole) helped a lot with getting around - even inside the house.
The post by sunny-dave seems to have summed it up perfectly.
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Thanks all; Sunny Dave- sounds like your GP was genuinely helpful! I might try 111 and see if I can take cocodamol as well. The ones I have are only 8mg. I have a load of Laxido and lactulose. Doc didn’t want me to take ibuprofen cos I have asthma and also take omeprazole. But I’d take stomach issues over this..
8/500 won't touch it, see if your GP will generate a prescription for 30/500 Co-codamols.
Poor you, sorry I cannot help.
I do hope you are feeling much better soon
Have suffered the same as you , Diazepam does not touch it for me , I ask for Tramadol usually works for me till it eases. Hope you find something that works for you .
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Mamyalynne- I have some 30mg codeine which I was prescribed in the past and never used. I’m gonna make today the last day of diazepam as I’ve decided it does absolutely nothing for pain other than make me yawn. Wondering if I should take the 8mg 3x a day (as they are also paracetamol) and see what that does? Pain is still the same this morning- walked okay but once sat in the loo=
set it off again and now in pain. It’s sitting that seems to provoke it. Also a bit worried about constipation but I guess I just take the lactulose etc
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Bodeker- how much Tramadol did you need, and for how long? This is now day 4 and the pain is as bad as ever.
I'd start with 2 of your 8/500 co-codamol, three times a day.

If they don't help move on to a 30mg Codeine with a paracetamol tablet/capsule,three times daily.

Based on experience I will never use Tramadol again but it certainly helps some and they don't get hooked.

There are only three things that will help you:

Regular painkillers
Hot or cold compresses

You have my sympathy. I've been immobilised with excruciating back pain more times than I care to remember.

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