Can Anyone Shed Light On Rapeseed Oil?

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MattA777 | 11:40 Tue 14th Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone shed light on Rapeseed Oil which the Body stores as fat? Apparently it is not recognised and therefore stored as fat! -Sorry I don’t have the source of this which I came across about a year ago....


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Your post suggests that you've seen one of the reports (as in the Daily Mirror, for example) that classes rapeseed oil as a 'fake food'. It seems most likely that such ideas are a load of total balls:

The NHS guidance is that rapeseed is a source both of monounsaturated fats (which "help protect your heart by maintaining levels of "good" HDL cholesterol while reducing levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol in your blood") and Omega-6 fats (which, along with Omega3-fats, can "help lower the level of "bad" LDL cholesterol in your blood"):

So, in general, rapeseed oil is good for your health.
The cold-pressed one is best.
It has a higher smoke point so is safer to cook with than, say, olive oil.
Is that why you switched, LadyCG the smoke alarm going off as often?
mr mally knows dinner is ready when alarm goes off lol x
the trouble is, roy, she sprinkles it on......
Rapeseed oil has just about zero taste compared to the fruitiness of extra virgin olive oils. What's worse is that fields of oilseed rape are an extreme irritant - they make me cough and splutter when driving past and I'm not even asthmatic.
I googled is rape seed digestible
which is the point of your question - not recognised as fat

and not surprisingly the answer is yes it is digestible

no one has made the point about erucic acid - the stuff that cured Lorenzo in Lorenso's oil - crap of course - Lorenzo died in real life
and that for the rest of us should be LOW -

and if rapeseed fat is not recognised where does it go?
I didnt bother with that one - as it is recognised

There was a fad ( geddit?) twenty years ago about non digestible fat which didnt catch on because - - - you got in exchange fatty diarrhoea ( so THAT is where it ended up!)- steatorrhoea and everyone found that MUCH worse

so in chort- - - is it OK to eat fat because I have labelled it non-fat?
n o it is not OK
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Thanks all for your input.
I’m thinking- did it get a bad press because Canola is part of the same family?
I tended to condemn ‘spreadable’ butters for adding rapeseed to make it so. But now it seems my poor source was wrong!
All rapeseed crops are from genetically modified seed. It is poisonous for humans in it's original form and was made safe by Canadian scientists in the late 1940s.
yes, PP and there was also a fad for a diet supplement made IIRC from crabshells that prevented fat being digested by the fact what it was was a MASSIVE incentive to go on a low fat diet because the alternative was to live in the loo. Kind of like slimmers antabuse. No I didn't try it but I did do the due diligence.
It got a very bad press a few years back, in Spain I think it was, where many people became ill, disfigured, and in some cases died from using the oil from a contaminated crop.

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Can Anyone Shed Light On Rapeseed Oil?

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