24 Hr Blood Pressure Monitor

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Bazile | 21:19 Sat 11th Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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Due to have one of these fitted tomorrow

Can they make sure that the equipment is virus free before it is fitted ?


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I'm sure they are cleaned before giving them out.
Apparently Boris Johnson has sent out 30 million letters concerning the sterility of NHS equipment such as these BPMs.....

I hope he hasn't licked the envelopes.
I think you misread your letter DT.
If Sqad is thinking the same way as I am, then no, they can't make sure that the apparatus is virus-free. They can, and should, clean it, but that does not make sure that it is virus-free.
You are both right of course and just for a moment we imagine they could then as soon as it is removed from some sterile state it ceases to be.

Just don't chew it Baz.
The electrodes that attach to your skin are single use. The machine can be wiped down with alcohol and probably not used for a day or two. You should be safe
I agree with calmck, if you are worried a out the Co19 virus then skin to mouth transmission would be extremely unusual.
The electrodes wouldn't be the problem, but an organism free cuff might prove the only hazard relying. on previous cleanings by hospital staff.
Don't worry.
It's usually just a cuff when I've had it and the monitor can be worn/carried in a few ways.
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Thanks all

I didn't realise that there was another type with electrodes

The one I'm having is the one with the cuff and the machine
You'll be fine, it's just a bit irritating that's all.
Bazile, I would be surprised if the monitors can be left a few days before re-issue. I have always had to return mine within 24 hours of issue because of the supply and demand situation. The recent shortage of such appointments may mean that some monitors have been sufficiently sterile but probably by now the wheels and cogs are gearing up again. All that said, I wouldn't worry over it. Hope it goes well for you.
I'm just coming yo the end of a 5 day heart monitoring with 3 electrodes .
Main problem - the adhesive pads that the electrodes are fitted to make me itch !!
Rosie, were you given any spare pads? If so I would swap them straightaway. They are supposed to be hypoallergenic but I had a terrible reaction to them.
Hope you get good results.
Bazile it will have been cleaned and sterilised before you get it.
Thanks choux - but I'm going to take them off this morning as the 5 days are complete. Thanks anyway .

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24 Hr Blood Pressure Monitor

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