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bednobs | 20:00 Thu 09th Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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I would like to get a tattoo but I am taking full treatment dose riveroxoban.
Can you still get a tattoo while on that therapy?


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"It's not usually recommended to have a body piercing or tattoo while you're taking rivaroxaban because of the increased risk of bleeding and infection.

If you still want to go ahead, talk to your doctor about your specific risks in case you need antibiotics.

And let the tattooist or piercer know beforehand that you're taking a blood-thinning medicine"

erm I am on rivaroxaban
and no I wouldnt get a tattoo

but ask the tattooist. I dug out the recommendation for dentists ( not great tattooists I agree) when he took out a tooth, He went pale BUT it basically says - just close your eyes and do it ( pull on the pliers )
specifically pay attention to blood clotting and use a haemostat more commonly;year=2017;volume=6;issue=1;spage=1;epage=4;aulast=Curto

oh I notice Chris has found something
-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --
blimey how can you get an answer removed
on a shall-I-get-a tooth removed

what is the world coming to?
it makes my heart bleed
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just an ad i think pp
Before you get a tattoo, you should do the obvious and get your 'ed examined...
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lol normally i might agree with you allen, but it's not like i want to get a face tattoo or a full sleeve :)

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Getting A Tattoo

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