I Decided To Buy Regaine

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Barsel | 15:25 Thu 09th Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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After reading tiggerblues post a few days ago about hair loss, I decided to send for Regaine for Women from ebay, it arrived today. On the box are certain restrictions like do not use if you are over 65yrs old. As I am 73 yrs old, it puts me in that category. Does anyone know why it can't be used by older women, what harm could it do? I'm hoping someone who has used Regaine could tell me if they had any problems with it as I don't want to send it back unless I really have too.


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Because it will not work on hair loss due to ageing. Its designed for
genetic hair loss in women 18 - 65. The product stimulated the blood vessels under the scalp to promote the follicles to grow -if the follicles are no longer there due to old age they can't be stimulated and grow.
I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.
Whatever people say, it is not known how it works
Side effects are suited in some studies as almost 20% and you have to take it for a long period of time and the long term effects are unknown.
Good luck.
Searching the internet suggests if you buy it from somewhere reputable (Boots for example) they need a prescription for the over 65s. This is because the manufacturers have not given safety information on testing on people above that age. The main drug involved (Minoxidil) may have side effects that affect the heart and blood pressure for example that a GP would want to check out first.
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I don't believe my hair loss is due to old age, it has only started falling out since I was prescribed Venlafaxine and when I told the doctor about my hair loss, she changed it to Duloxetine but there is still a lot of hair falling out, not in chunks, but individual hairs.If sqad is still about, can you tell me whether my hair loss could be caused my these tablets and if it is likely to stop now my tablets have been changed? Thanks.
I just managed to put it in my Boots basket with no prescription or pharmacist assessment.
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Have you used it woofgang?
I think that the antidepressant that you had been taken is unlikely to have caused your hair loss,but anything can happen in the world of medicine.
nope. I did look into it when my hairloss started but it seemed like a lot of faff and ongoing faff....the only way to keep the hair it grows is continued use; also it was much more expensive when I was considering it. I know that both my parents had thinning hair as they aged, also I suspect that in my case, while the actual hair loss event was triggered by stress, the continued baldness is probably due to a combination of genetics and menopause, so the chances of it actually working are for me slim and none.
I used it years ago when I was in my thirties, and it didn't do a thing for my hair loss.
Woofy has summed it up for you... excellent post 16.02
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sqad, the doc said it is a rare side effect but it can happen, she didn't say it could be caused by something else, so when it was changed, I was hoping the hair loss would stop, but I don't know if the old tablet is still in my system.
I use it all the time and it works wonders !
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Neither of my parents had hair loss. My Mum was 84 yrs old when she died and she had a really good head of hair. If I decide not to use it, would I be able to return it to ebay as it didn't give this info when I ordered it.
Even if the seller states no returns .. eBay will side with you as the description was not complete and true.
Approach the seller first and state your complaint. It should be fine as long as you haven't opened it.
Barsel if the seller accepts returns there is no reason why you can't return the product, but you may have to pay the return postage as its not damaged or not as described. Its your responsibility to check if the product is suitable for your age group. If however the listing said something like 'great for thinning hair in the over 65's' then you could return it and the seller would have to reimburse you the full return postage as the product would not be 'as described'
// Even if the seller states no returns .. eBay will side with you as the description was not complete and true.//

This is false information. Only if the seller states in the description that it's suitable for the over 65's will the product be 'not as described'.
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APG,in hindsight, I should have contacted the seller to ask if it was suitable for my age group, but it just didn't cross my mind. This isn't the only restriction, there are 11 altogether. I think the seller is being a bit irresponsible by not listing them. I might just hang on to it until I next speak to the doc. Thanks for all your answers.
is it a shop, or a random person?
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