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tiggerblue10 | 13:44 Sat 04th Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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Over the past 5 or 6 months I've noticed large amounts of hair coming out when I comb through it with conditioner on. Much more so than before.

I started using Plantur caffeine shampoo to try a reduce the loss but it doesn't seem to be working after a few months of use and large amounts still seem to be falling out.

If anyone has had experience of this, what did you try and has it worked?



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Only a laypersons opinion, anxiety, anaemia .
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I did think about that Anne, as it has been quite a stressful time. It started just after Xmas.
Do you have long hair tings ?
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Kind of. It goes a few inches below my shoulders.

I've always had quite thick curly hair.
Hair cut, doesn’t have to be short, avoid heat products , if possible. Invest in a good gentle hair brush. Use leave in conditioner, and relax :-)
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I could do with a hair cut but cba to book one at this time.

I've got some leave in conditioner and I've hardly used my GHDs since lockdown. Will need to use them on Monday though as I have to pop to the office to get my laptop replaced. Don't want to go in with my birds nest hair! ;o/
Apart from when you comb your wet hair with the conditioner on, are there visible signs of hair loss such as lots of hairs on your pillow in the morning, lots of hair in your brush or comb at other times, does your hair look thinner, any bald patches?
Everyone loses around 100 hairs a day (I am convinced I lose a lot more in the summer than the winter) and shampooing your hair could simply be dislodging this hair so it collects in your comb.

Next time you wash you hair give it a very thorough brushing before you wash it.
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I wash my hair every other day and most of the time I tie it up loosely. There are a few stray hairs on my pillow but only on the 2nd day before washing. Sometimes its difficult to get a comb through it when dry but if I do, it frizzes out.
Diet? I know that you'd switched to vegan some months ago. A dietary change can have an effect on hair condition or loss.
Could it be genetic? Did your parent/s hair thin out as they got older?
I have experience of it...look up telogen effluvium. I found the shampoos for thinning hair including Plantur not only didn't help, the ones intended to give more body actually made my hair rougher and harder to brush, seeming to pull more out. I have used special hair supplement vitamins to no avail. I did do loads of research and apart from Regaine, nothing seems to work. In many cases, the hair grows back of its own accord and I think this leads people to belive that whatever they were using at the time helped but the objective research says otherwise.
Now, some 9 years after mine started to thin, I just live with it. Growing it to waist length from a short crop hasn't made any difference to my bald spot and there are worse problems in the world. It does annoy me though that its "OK" for blokes to be bald but "not ok" for women unless you are doing it for fashion and look fabulous.
Sorry I haven't better news.
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I've started taking Perfectil Hair supplements Pasta, so hopefully this will help with the nutrition side of things.

I took after my dad in the hair department. His hair was thick and curly. He still has a full head of hair now at over 75.
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Does Regaine work, Woof? I've been looking at that but didn't want to waste my money until I asked around.
When I had switched to stricter low carb a few years ago, I saw a fair amount of hair loss 2 summers in a row. It eventually settled and I seem to have normal old lady hair now. :)
If you have gone vegan and your hair is starting to fall out this could be the problem. You need to supplement the vitamins and minerals you are no longer getting enough of from meat. You can buy folic acid from pharmacies, which is good for hair loss or better still go find a supplement especially for Vegans. You have to eat an awful lot of leafy greens to get the same vitamins as you would get in a small steak. BTW Perfectil is not Vegan as it contains fish products.
tigger, have you been taking any new tablets?
The reason I am asking is because my hair started to fall out after taking a new prescribed drug a few months ago.The drug has since been changed but my hair doesn't seem to be regaining any of it's thickness but I understand that can take time. I have tried different shampoos, but there has been no change. Yesterday I wore a black jumper and when I took it off, it was covered in my hairs.
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That's good, Pasta. Really hope mine starts to settle at some point as well.
tiggs I haven't tried Regaine but its the only thing that has solid successful research. The catch is that you only keep your hair while you use the Regaine!
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Crikey! Should've read the ingredients. I think I was so engrossed in products that helped with hair that I didn't check this out.

I'll give Regaine a go, Woof.

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