Hair Falling Out

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tiggerblue10 | 12:44 Sat 04th Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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Over the past 5 or 6 months I've noticed large amounts of hair coming out when I comb through it with conditioner on. Much more so than before.

I started using Plantur caffeine shampoo to try a reduce the loss but it doesn't seem to be working after a few months of use and large amounts still seem to be falling out.

If anyone has had experience of this, what did you try and has it worked?



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I'm not on any medication, Barsel.

Will have a read, Chris, thanks.
Tigger I presume you are not that old. Regaine tends to be aimed at hair loss due to hormonal changes. Holland and Barrant and Boots have special vitamins and minerals for Vegans .

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I'm just about the right side of 50, APG. Next time I go there I will ask them about supplements for hair loss as well. should avoid brushing wet hair (apparently) untangle with your fingers and leave to dry and then brush it.

Worth a try.
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It is quite difficult to brush when dry but will give that a try as well, Ummmm.

Thanks all :o)
As you’re the “right side of 50” I’d guess it’s down to the menopause. Nothing topical will help with that. Maybe ask your GP about HRT.
I had the same problem 2 years ago and after a blood test which showed very low levels of vit d the doc started me on supplements.My hairs so much better now and all the thin patches have grown back.I have to take the capsules for life now otherwise my levels will drop again.
also I would like to add that as we age our ability to sufficiently absorb nutrients becomes more difficult so you should definitely look at using a supplement if you are embarking on any sort of restrictive diet.
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I did speak with my GP about HRT, Jo, but she said there are certain risks in taking it so I didn't want to go for that.

I am taking the Perfectil gummies which also include Vit D.
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Tiggerblue, have you lost hair elsewhere on the body?

If so, I still think it’s menopausal.

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Hair Falling Out

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