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RocW | 12:18 Sat 27th Jun 2020 | Body & Soul
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I've seen adverts for a gadget that is supposed to remove ear wax. it looks like a sort of corkscrew which you insert into the ear then twist, drawing the wax out. There were some good reviews but I wonder if they were written by agency staff.
Has anyone tried them and do they work? They look a bit dangerous to me.


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I saw that ad...on YouTube I think. It looked too good to be true so I did some googling and it's not recommended. There's lots of cheap versions on Amazon also.
Microsuction works and most practitioners are controlled. Mind, it ain’t cheap. About £80 per lughole in London.
There is a great amount of ‘ear wax removal’ videos on you tube .
My husband does this and then sees the nurse at doctor's surgery to get his ears syringed.
Don’t risk it.
As a friend said, don’t stick anything in your ear smaller than an elephant’s bum.
My practice nurse told me not to put anything smaller than my elbows in my ears. She said on the whole ears are self cleaning and nothing should be poked into them. Watched an A&E programme on TV and a chap managed to damage his eardrum by poking in his ear.
I use cotton buds (yea I know I shouldn't) to clean my ears and recently one of my my ears got so blocked, I couldn't hear out of it .... no doubt caused by me repeatedly using the cotton buds and pushing the wax further into my ear.
I bought this kit from my local chemist. I only used the ear drops for a couple of days and then used the syringe bulb to flush the wax out. I syringed about 5 or 6 times and on the last attempt, I knew it had worked, as my hearing came back. I looked in the sink and saw the result of my last syringe ... about 4 blobs of wax.
Highly recommended: User Recommendation
That's more or less the same set up as in the link I provided for Debrox. It does work. I've used mine for years now, and it's worked every time.
The practice nurse at my GPs surgery does earwax removal. I usually put warm almond oil in for 4/5 days before I go to soften it. Get it done a couple of times a year because I wear a hearing aid so any wax gets pushed in.
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Many thanks to all who took the trouble to answer. I think that the syringe method looks the best option. I tried Otex once before. I only used it for a couple of days then had to stop for completely unrelated reasons. When I was going to use it again I noticed that the bottle said that it was not to be used after being opened for 30 days. My wife used to be an ENT theatre nurse and she is not keen on syringing but there does not seem to be a viable alternative. At least if it doesn't work I won't be able to hear her saying " Told you so".
Put some warm olive oil in your ear before syringeing. It's much better than any other drops I've used.
please dont stuff things into your ear

olive oil and then stay with lughole pointing to ceiling - to keep olive oil in see? - for 145 mins - so do whilst watching telly

and then possibly syringe ( not keen on this unless someone has had a look in the ear)

otherwise pay - it is around £30 per ear oop t north

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