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piggynose | 19:15 Fri 05th Jun 2020 | Body & Soul
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medical advice please. i had to see my doctor recently for a frozen shoulder, the appointment was by phone only, he prescribed 2 drugs, Enantyum and omeprazol. I try to avoid drugs and only take them as a last resort. When i asked my GP about a physio recommendation he said he couldn´t recommend anybody as they´re all private, when said i didnt mind, he still said he couldn´t help me. So it looks like i´ve got no choice.


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piggynose are you on facebook? if you are go on your local group and ask folk which local physio they use, although you may find that they are not seeing people face to face at present.
I think you might be mistaken about omeprazol - that's a PPI for excess stomach acid. There are exercises you can do for a frozen shoulder that can be found on the internet.
237sj, enantyum is one of those meds that can give stomach acid problems, hence the omeprazole.
The omeprazol will be prescribed for the side effects of the Enantyum, not the frozen shoulder.
Where do you live, most areas have a self referral system for the physio services.
waves to ubasses
Trusted links (found via going through the NHS website) for finding private physiotherapists:

Remember though that frozen should is caused by inflamed tissue, which is why the drugs might help. (Why the hell you should be prescribed omeprazole to treat a frozen shoulder is totally beyond me though. It's a proton pump inhibitor, used to treat acid reflux. I've just checked the leaflet in my packet of it and there's absolutely nothing mentioned about dealing with either frozen shoulder or inflammation in general. Enantyum makes more sense though; it's an anti-inflammatory drug).
Omeprazole to protect from side effects of the anti inflammatory sensible prescribing. Take painkillers regularly maybe ask for something extra to top up before exercising. If you do the exercises properly they hurt a bit
Early phases of frozen shoulder piggy and Inwould agree with the advice from your doctor. Enantyum is a non steroidal anti inflammatory like Ibuprofen and aspirin and the Omeprazole is to counter the perhaps over emphasised side effects of the NSAID.
They are very keen on giving the omeprazole on the continent but personally providing that you take the NSAID with food, I can see no point in prescribing it.......just a personal opinion you understand.
Early days for physiotherapy in my opinion and I Would suggest taking the NSAID 3 times a day after food and monitor the situation for the next 2 weeks.
It could settle quickly or become more troublesome engendering a change of treatment.
Early days.
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Ok Dr Sqad, i'll start the ( nsaid)course 2moro and keep you posted.
Thanx once again.
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Btw is it ok to drink alcohol or not?
No big deal... in moderation.
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One more thing, i've only been given 20 pills. So yr advice of taking 3 a day for 2 weeks would mean i'd need at least another 20 tablets.
My apologies, my comment was referring to Ibuprofen, follow the direction of your GP piggy.
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I'll give him a call on Monday. Thanx once again.

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