I'm In Dispute With Lloyds About The Cost Of A Drug I Had To Pay For Privately.

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Coppit | 22:00 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | Body & Soul
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Finding the cost of drugs has defeated me. What should I be paying for a box of Dexafree 1 mg/ml eye drops. The box contains 30 x 0.4 single-dose containers.


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nhs price = £9.70
you'd have also probably had to pay a private prescription charge?
Did you already have a private prescription (which you took to a Lloyds Pharmacy) or were you using the LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor service?

With the former you'll have been charged by the doctor who issued the prescription for doing so, with Lloyds Pharmacy only charging you for the actual drugs. (A rival company charges £13.58 for the drugs alone but Lloyds aren't obliged to charge a similar price: ).

However if you were using LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor you'll have been charged an administration fee for the prescription itself, plus a dispensing fee, on top of the cost of the drugs. (Lloyds are entitled to set their own fees for such services):
yes but not to Lloyds.....but so far as I am aware, sellers can charge what they like for drugs if they are selling them privately even if they require a prescription.
erm - I dont think there is resale-price-maintenance (*) in over the counter drugs.
that is you go into a pharmacy and say can I have X please
and they say certainly Madam
and if it is RIshi's doo dah in Bradford, you get it at a decent price ( but wivva mark up) and if it is part of Fortnums ( 'level 4 - drugs, damascene, dowels and dettol') then you pay an arm and a leg

(*) who remembers that then? scrapped around 1962 innit?

there is no obligation to charge an NHS price to someone who isnt the NHS ( hospital clinic surgery etc)
Question Author
The private prescription was for a course of 84 ampoules (3 boxes) but 4 were supplied. I phoned and was asked to return one - which I did, but this wasn’t acceptable. The Lloyds manager wanted to see all 4 boxes. She emphatically repeated over and over that she had packed only 3. I said that had only 3 been supplied, by surrendering one, I’d not have enough for the full course so effectively I was branded as untruthful. Eventually a compromise was made that an image of 4 boxes by email would satisfy her. On seeing it, her story started to change by my being told that I’d paid for only 3 boxes, = c. £70. So, no refund, which is why I’m checking prices. Since the cost of online vs shop is considerable, [but I noted that today the online price has jumped upwards], I have written to Lloyds about this so as to get at the truth and if justified, get a refund.
I’ve since had an email with her abject apology, unloading the blame on ‘an IT matter’. But her biggest mistake was that In neither of our 2 encounters was any kind of apology offered. In my book, the word ‘sorry’ means a lot; when you are aged you will find it has to be used a lot!
"4 were supplied"
"I said that had only 3 been supplied"
"i waas branded untruthful"
well you were untruthful if you received 4 boxes but said that only 3 were supplied
'I said that HAD only three'. Coppit wasn't being untruthful.
3x boxes of 30 is 90. Enough for a 84 course
Question Author
Thanks cashier!
bednobs, had Coppit received only 3 boxes, sending one back would have left him (?) short of the full course. That was the point Coppit was making.

Coppit, did you not get a receipt breaking down the costs?
but he didn't he received 4
I seem to be confused about what the actual problem was. doesn't take much. lady said she only packed three. he only paid for 3 but got 4 and sent one back. What's the prob?
why are you farting around with private prescriptions?
bednobs, Coppit doesn't know whether he was charged for 3 or 4 and wants to know the price so he can work it out.
bednobs, he did receive 4. He sent one back. He has not been refunded for the one he sent back. He does not know whether he was charged for 3 or 4.
thank you that's clear now.
Have I got this right.

You needed 3 boxes.
But they gave you 4 and charged you £70.
You didn’t want the extra box so you wanted to return it and get a refund.
Lloyds said there was no extra box, so no refund.
You produced a picture of 4 boxes.
You returned the unwanted box but got no money back.

Is that correct?

Looking at the links above, they are overcharging you irrespective of the unwanted box.

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I'm In Dispute With Lloyds About The Cost Of A Drug I Had To Pay For Privately.

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