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long2019 | 20:07 Wed 03rd Jun 2020 | Body & Soul
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my pal has no electric in his house if he phoned his provider would they provide a sparky its e.on


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They would be able to tell him whether it's a supply problem down to them or recommend he calls an electrician out Henry.
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Has he checked that his trip hasn't tripped (if he has one).

Is all his power off - if not it might be some of his fuses have gone.

Has his neighbours got power?

Could he ask a neighbour if they have may be the local area that's affected.
Get him to see if his neighbours have got power, simply by looking to see if there are lights on in their houses. If all of the houses are dark, it's a supply problem. (The power company will almost certainly know about it but phoning them to check won't do any harm).

If it's only his house that's lost power, the main circuit breaker might have tripped out. He should look for it, next to the meter, to see if it can be reset. If resetting it results in it immediately tripping out again, there's something that's shorting somewhere in his house. He should unplug everything, and turn everything off (including anything like an immersion heater, which is often the cause of such problems) and try resetting the circuit breaker again. If the power then stays on, he should commence plugging things back in, and turning them back on, until the power trips out again. He'll then know where the fault lies.

The above assumes that his home has circuit breakers in the consumer unit, rather than old-fashioned wire or cartridge fuses, though. It's not quite so easy to check things if there are no circuit breakers.

If the problem is within his own home (rather than a power supply problem to the neighbourhood), it's highly unlikely that his power provider will provide any assistance. He'll need to phone an electrician to help him sort out any problem that he can't deal with himself.
IF it's a supply problem call 105. They will help and try to sort problem/get generator to you within two hours.

Hope that helps bud.
But meant to say you need to ask more than one neighbour, more often than not adjacent houses are on different shared loops (not sharing same as immediate neighbour)
Our power went once - on a Friday. Turned out they had to dig up the pavement.

They pluged us into one neighbours supply, the other neighbour was plugged into their supply.

We expected it to be the Monday before they came to do the work on the pavement - but they did it over the weekend!
I'm assuming there is a single RCD(Trip) covering the whole system.
If it trips, then the whole thing goes off.

Unfortunately, Chris's method will only work if there is a fault somewhere on the Phase (Live) side.
Operating each circuit breaker in turn will identify the faulty circuit.

BUT... if the fault is on the Neutral, then this won't work (Neutrals are not switched. You have to physically disconnect them in turn.)

Anyway, as has been said, ring the Network Suppliers emergency number to see if there is a disruption in supply (NOT the people who send you the bills, but they may let you know who your Network Supplier is.)

Neighbours first though.

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at the moment one trip switch down -it will not stay up now he has tv up stairs b ath light ok no power in sitting room no light in kitchen
So the downstairs ring is playing up. Get him to unplug everything downstairs and turn everything off downstairs too. Then see if the trip switch will stay in place. If it does, start plugging things back in, and turning them on, until the power downstairs trips out again. That method has always worked for me when assisting friends and neighbours!
HaHa... so there IS power in the house then?
Good job we didn't dig up the pavements ;o))))

Do what Chris (Buenchico) says.

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