Weirdly I Found Out I Have Had Coronavirus

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bednobs | 19:56 Tue 02nd Jun 2020 | Body & Soul
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Despite me being sceptical about the point of an antibody test (still am really) my curiosity got the better of me and I got an antibody test done. I had a cough and felt rough for a few days in January and I think that musthe be when I had it.


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Unclean.... Unclean... ;-)
Many people have had it but have been unaware of it:

My friend visited the UK from Northern Italy back in February, having just had 'a really bad flu-like bug'. I think that she passed it to me, so I might also have the antibodies.
Where did you get tested?
I think that I probably had it in January, as did many people, we knew lots of people who were laid really low with coughs and chest problems, one was actually taken into hospital during the night and put onto a ventilator.
a very early adopter. Anyway, congratulations on pulling through and I hope it gives you immunity for a long time.
There was a doctor on the TV this morning. He works with many Covid patients and he was quite shocked to find that he didn’t have the antibodies.
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I had it done privately via lloyds chemist online. They send you the test kit. You prick a finger fill up a little bottle with blood and put it back in the post.
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£59. It actually of course means nothing. Just my curiosity satisfied I guess
Well done then, I only asked because some tests have been pulled for giving false results.

Good for you to know where you stand.
Why would the test be different to the hospitals?
I had a bad cold in early March with a bad throat. I often wonder if I've had it.
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I would imagine the tests are very much different to hospital tests. Much less reliable I guess.
I get this Bednobs. We were both bad in Jan but then in April we were both wiped out and he lost all sense of taste and smell.

I'm quite curious to know.
I had a blood test taken at my local surgery today. I had to add a couple of things to the paperwork which showed what tests needed to be run on the three samples taken.

Perhaps I should have added "2019-nCoV antibodies" too? Then I could have saved myself fifty-nine quid ;-)
The first thought that springs to mind is .. I am not doubting Lloyds for one minute, but if some tests have been pulled for giving false results .. how will you know if the results from a Lloyds test are reliable ?
That's the point, you don't know.
Is this the Roche test? I`d be interested in that as I had a weird illness back in March. I think Lloyds might have sold out though.

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Weirdly I Found Out I Have Had Coronavirus

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