Nail Varnish For Weak Fingernails

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shivvy | 13:57 Fri 17th Apr 2020 | Body & Soul
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I have always had weak, bendy nails that split.
I started to get biosculpt gel nails which I loved, but of course I cant get them done at the minute.
I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good nail varnish which hardens them? I have tried different ones previously but not with any great results.


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Not a polish but mavala do a hardener that really works follow the instructions to the letter though Only on the very tips. Then a good basecoat and polish should be enough
If you want to strengthen your nails, this works wonders. I've recommended it to people on here, other forums, friends. It really works and a little goes a long way. It even helps when you've got polish on...use under the nails and on the base/cuticle area. User Recommendation
I was going to post the same as Rowan - Mavala Scientifique is really brilliant at hardening nails, use as she says. By the way as long as you get any kind of gel nails etc done, your own nails will get softer and weaker and take over a year to recover once you've stopped, well in my experience anyway.
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That sounds exactly like what I need rowanwitch - thanks.
Does it harden them straight away or is it a treatment that takes time and a few applications?
And is there a base coat that you would recommend?
My nails were really soft. I then started having gel nails done and it has had the opposite effect to Prudie. They seem much much stronger. I bought myself a UV lamp and a base and top coat from Amazon and can now do them myself.

I hate having to keep them so short at the moment though.
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Thanks Prudie. Yes I agree that the gel nails make the real nails softer, but my nails were so rubbish beforehand I don't mind so much.
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Barmaid - I considered buying the UV lamp etc myself but I would make a botch job of it, I just know I would!
I get that Shivvy. I think I had problems colouring in between the lines at school. I use a cocktail stick to neaten it up before I use the lamp.
It's cumulative, about three or four applications will show an improvement. If you do it too often your nails can become brittle once mine had hardened I topped up once a week. Sally Hansen is as good a base as any.
I tried every hardner going. My nails continued to break, crack, split and peel, no matter what I used on them. Working in a kitchen didn't help. Only my recommendation above did. It was developed as as result of stable maids discovering that what strengthened hooves did the same for their nails.
I have been biting my nails for most of my life. Recently I let them grow and they were weak and horrible.

I was told by the doctor to take Vitamin D for something else. My nails have never been healthier.
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Sorry Pastafreak, I didn't spot your earlier post. That looks interesting - I will look into that too.
My nails were always pretty crappy, and then the menopause hit . . . but that's been responsible for all sorts, not just nails!!
You can blame anything on the menopause ;)
I also agree with the Mavala recommendation, it’s excellent.
Hi Shivvy,
'OPI NAIL ENVY' (not the ordinary OPI varnishes) are also very good for hardening nails.
I bought some of the Gena hoof cream. I can't read the instructions because the writing is so tiny. Can anyone give me the instructions please ?
Hi tamaris...just massage a pea sized bit into your nails and cuticle several times a day...particularly at bedtime. Get it under the nail tips also. Hopefully as your nails get better, once a day will be fine. Hope it works for you x
Awgh thanks pasta x

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Nail Varnish For Weak Fingernails

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