Is It Bad For My Health?

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RATTER15 | 22:22 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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I rarely feel the cold and even in the winter wear as little as possible
I always wear trousers or Jean's but on top it's usually a short sleeve shirt maybe a leather waistcoad if it's very cold. I do have a coat but very rarely wear it, and I dont possess a jumper or cardigan. People are always telling me I'm mad!! But I am generally quite comfortable and usually accept a little discomfort rather than be weighed down with coats or jackets. Am I actually putting myself at risk. I'm 62 and generally fairly healthy.


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No, I don't believe so, as long as you are comfortable. Some people do just naturally feel "warmer" than others, usually males. But as long as you feel ok, I wouldn't worry.
I'm the same. We are from a hardier generation!
yep, I'm pretty similar, if you are comfortable, fine.
I hate wearing a coat and I usually wear a top and cardigan. I wear a skirt but seldom wear tights.

I hate feeling constricted.

I’m similar RATTER15. I have one coat that I can seldom find as I never wear it. I wear short sleeve golf shirts.
The cold doesn’t bother me anyway. Tee Hee, from Frozen.
One guy from our golf club rarely wears any tops other than short sleeved shirts and always has people commenting on that.
I don't think you are putting yourself at risk. As long as you are comfortable.
A matter of personal preference, everyone is different.
I never used to feel the cold and didn't own a coat apart from a thin waterproof one to walk the hounds in the rain.
But since losing the weight I feel the cold so badly and often wear, tshirt, jumper and cardigan in the house!
That sounds right Martin. I wouldn't worry about it
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Thanks all, I generally thought I would be OK but I didn't know if the cold could have a detrimental affect on my health.

Thanks again.

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Is It Bad For My Health?

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