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nailit | 20:08 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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Any idea what can relieve a frozen shoulder?
Had it for over a week now and its creeping into my neck and upper spine now.


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You could try some ice cubes in a resealable bag.
I'd completely agree with pixie if it's really that. Heat does help me and voltarol does nothing. I prefer the stick-on self-heating pads you can get from chemists, Boots own are as good as anybody's and last warm most of the day. I had it 10 years ago and injections cured it overnight but it has returned in the last few months and so far can't face the faff of going to GP for another injection (apart from the injection being the most painful thing of my life apart from childbirth).
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//How can you not have frozen peas, Nails.//
Got a frozen loaf Tills. Does it have to be a veg based product? ;-)
Only buy frozen caulie/Broch
heat via electric blanket over shoulder or fill sock with rice & micro wave 1min till hot & place on shoulder
Hot water bottle
Most people are recommending heat rather than cold, so would suggest you get a heat spray, any pharmacy or Boots will have them.
TonyV, I suspect that subconsciously, if anyone has a "frozen" anything, people will prescribe heat for it. But a shoulder isn't really frozen and I think cold is likely to be a better treatment

Friend got acupuncture onnthe NHS for his - he used to fall asleep during the session because he got relief from the pain!
With many things, heat and cold have the same effect. It is nothing to do with the word "frozen", jno lol. Just most people are more comfortable with warmth.
all the same, pixie, as the link I posted suggests, cold works better, whether people are more comfy with it or not. That's sometimes been my experience too, though not always.
They have the same effect. The word "frozen", isn't literal...
A few years ago I got a frozen shoulder. Went to doctor who said “if it hurts to move it, then don’t move it”

This was totally the wrong thing to do. It seized up even more. Using the arm became totally impossible and I felt really disabled.

A few weeks later the other shoulder started to stiffen up. I saw a different doctor who said I should exercise it through the pain, keep it moving until I could get a physio appointment.

Extensive physiotherapy and Cortisone injections into the joints eventually got me moving again after about 6 months.

It is doubtful whether in the current situation you would get medical attention to the same degree as normal but in the meantime KEEP THE ARM MOVING.
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//It is doubtful whether in the current situation you would get medical attention to the same degree as normal but in the meantime KEEP THE ARM MOVING.//
I know that I wouldnt get a GP appointment if I tried, but tried the frozen ice pack thing, still painful. Struggled at work today but persevered through it. Annoying more than anything.
Depends if it is a proper frozen shoulder or something else. The shoulder is encased in a capsule which becomes inflamed and effectively shrinks which causes pain and immobilises the joint. I suffered with it about 6 years ago and the doctor was reluctant to give a cortisone injection and said that if he did, it would have to be ultrasound guided. I had physio which got the joint moving again. There are several exercises that you can do at home - and I had to stick to them for quite a few weeks. The GP printed me off some from the internet which turned out to be the same as the physiotherapists suggested. You should be able to find them and I doubt they would do any harm

Had it, physio estimated 6 to 12 months of treatment. I tried to be obsessive about exercising it and I was back to normal in 5. It did take weekly physio and a lot of analgesia but I did avoid surgery.

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