Does Anybody On Ab Use Cbd Oil And Find It Works?

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Apc2604 | 15:29 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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A few use it I believe, depends on what you want it for.
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Chronic pain Mamya. i have many issues associated wIth hypermobility syndrome and osteo arthritis in most joints, and dreadful back pain.
I cant tolerate any strong pain killers or even over the counter codeine. They all cause hallucinations even at low doses. I can't take ibuprofen because of gastric isdues and blood thinners. I take 20mg amitriptaline at night, which works. I sleep well. But during the day all I have is paracetamol. Pain Clinic has suggested cbd oil.
Read this thread and see if there's any advice or help.
If you decide to take the advice of your Pain Clinic - do ask them about different brands and what dose they suggest. As far as I know it is sold in many different strengths - sometimes a minefield to understand.
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Thanks Mamya. That was helpful. I have bought some from Holland and Barratt but was hesitating. I feel quite desperate. So here goes.
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I have the 5 strength Rosie.

I am also having counselling as the pain Clinic suggested.
That sounds excellent. I do hope you get some relief x
Hi Apc I have EDS, Crohns disease and Arthritis , also suffering terrible anxiety ( menopause related )
I have been taking CBD oil capsules for about a year now. The anxiety has pretty much gone and I have been able to cut my Morphine down from 75, to 25 on good days, 50 if I am really bad.
This is all with the approval of my GP.
I buy my CBD oil caps from Healthspan, a good , reputable company, and have recommended them to lots of people.
I would say tho,they don't suit everybody, they didn't do anything for my sister.
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Oh thank you for replying Sparkles. I was first diagnosed with EDS 3 at the age of 63/64 after years of false diagnoses. I have now been
told under the new criteria that I don't have EDS, but do have hypermobility spectrum disorder. I also suffer from chronic anxiety. I have had two hernia repairs and one replacement shoulder over an 28 month period. I cannot tolerate opiates or opiods even at low dose. I now need another new shoulder and new knee and my feet need pinning, but have decided I cant cope with further ops!

It's so good to talk to someone who understands. And thanks for the tip about healthspan. X
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18 months, not 28. I also have Diverticular disease/IBS. The current situation isn't helping!
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I aldo thought Boris and Matt Hancock looked awful for a few daysefore they declared they had the virus.
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