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jackthehat | 13:40 Sun 29th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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83 year-old woman living on her own some 200 miles away from all family members in Northamptonshire.
She is just getting over some sort of laryngitis infection but can still barely be heard over the telephone.
She recently fell and after hours on the floor was admitted to hospital – chest X-rays showed her lungs to be clear but she has a damaged foot (details are a bit vague).
She was discharged back home but has since developed severe diahorrea to the extent that she has soiled much of her bed-linen and many of her clothes. She is also having trouble keeping food down: vomiting unexpectedly.

Her daughters are at their wits end – trying to organise anything from distance with the reduced services available is proving impossible.
They don’t know what to do for the best. Given current circumstances, can anyone suggest what they might do in the same situation?


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*Covid". It's not crow-borne that I know of.
If you have her gp number call them and make them aware of the situation. She needs a visit and will probably need admission to hospital to resolve the problems related to the diarrhoea. From what you posted she needs trained input as well as someone to be with her. It may be that care visits can be provided to at least help her stay clean, input from the incontinence team would be useful. Respite care in a nursing home might work sadly there will be spaces available if not now then soon.
It's hard to say "I can't do this" when our conscience says we should but sometimes the instinct that says no is the right one. I hope you find a way through this that works for everyone.

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