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allenlondon | 09:57 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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’My hips gone bad in the last few weeks, v painful, probably made worse by prosthetic leg.

Normally I’d have gone straight to my magic-working physiotherapist, but currently that’s not an option.

Any tips for pain-relieving exercises?




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Unsurprisingly (as with almost any subject), there's loads of advice available online but finding trustworthy advice on medical issues can often be difficult. However NHS Scotland ought to be reliable enough:

As my right hip has been rather painful for the past few days (almost certainly linked to my cancer and/or the chemotherapy treatment for it), I might even give some of those exercises a try myself ;-)
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Thanks Chris. I’ll need to modify and adapt to cope with the plastic leg, but there’s some sound ideas there.

Hope the chemo has made some difference in more positive ways.

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How is your hip, Chris? Having incorporated some from that link, mine is a bit better, so I hope you’ve also had some improvement.


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Bad Hip

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