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Thisoldbird | 21:17 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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Hi, a family member age 64 has symptoms of the virus.

I was last in her company 7 days my 80s .

What is the delay period for contacting it from another person. For other reasons I have been self isolating for 7 days

Would it me in order for me to ask for a test. Views please


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My understanding is you need to self isolate for 14 days then (ie 7 more)
I don't think tests are generally available - they are just prioritising people like key NHS staff or patients where they really think they appear to have Covid
I believe the time period is 14 days, believe they are only testing NHS staff at the moment and people in Hospital.
Up to 15 days at least. I'm not sure whether you are able to get a test or not, but I would self-isolate for at least another week and look after yourself x
And Prince Charles and Camilla,ff.
True. And Trump and Merkel. Yes , presumably some are available privately as some footballers and celebs have had them, and some for key politicians- I'm sure Boris would be given one if necessary
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Thank you. My husband is high risk to we have self isolated for 10 days now, except for this one person dropped shopping off 7 days ago. She started being I'll yesterday.

Thanks we will continue as we are on isolation as we expect to be for
some weeks ..hoping all remains good for us..and our relative gets well. X
I'm very sorry to read your news tob. You must be very worried. Take care of yourself and good luck.
you dont fulfil the criteria
as contact was for less than 15 m AND ( you may not have been within 2 m)

bUT self isolate - well we all are anyway

Incubation period 5-7 d BUT 2-20 has been recorded
once you get to day 10 and everything is OK I think you can - -- breathe again
Stay safe tob, we live in very scary times, I pray you and your are alright x

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