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KARL | 20:30 Wed 25th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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My attention has been drawn to this page showing Covid19 case incidence and a wealth of detail surrounding that - this has apparently been up and running for weeks and it is only one of several/many similar such. Can anyone provide a link to an equivalent one specifically for the UK ?


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More later. :-)
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Is this the best available - does anyone have a link to a good site ?
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Did I really forget the link or was it cut ?
yeah I have splattered various sites on AB
with no response at all besides the usual wall to wall
what dat den! - foo! - why he say dat den and so on

there are two schools of statistical analysis
IMperial - you are all gonna die
Zhukov does two one hour lecture on this

the other statistical school is Oxford and David Spiegelhalter is one
he is on more or less

spiegel halter leads the charge in the coronavirus, what coronavirus? it is all a question of labelling

The new England Journal has made all its covid papers available - free! I am a subscriber anyway

well you asked for references - here they are
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Peter Pedant, Unless I am somehow completely missing something, there is no UK equivalent to the detail provided and available on the development of Covid19 from/on other (European) countries' sites providing national information, such as the Portuguese example I mentioned above. The England site (linked above) is rather pathetic by comparison - maybe due to "patient confidentially". What a load of bull, standard opacity/secretiveness and plain lack of imagination/initiative/organisation more likely.
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In fact, one has to go to a foreign site to get more info than on the England one:

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