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Scarlett | 22:18 Sun 22nd Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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As a vulnerable person I have been self-isolating at home for nearly 2 weeks except one trip to physio (2 cabs, one physio). I have a flat mate who was working all that time (at a university). He came home last Tuesday with a hot head. Three days of fever followed- no cough. He continued to eat, use the kitchen and bathroom which we have to share. It is a tiny flat. He has been spraying and wiping with antibacterial spray but we have now run out. He is self-isolating until this Tuesday and I now have to wait until the Tuesday after that- although as someone whose lungs would not survive this virus (asthmatic, always need antibiotics and steroids when I get a cold, high BMI, CPAP user) I plan to stay in for as long I can manage- 3 months if need be. I have felt slightly 'fluey' for the past few days- headache, catarrh feeling at the back of my nose, tired, tinnitus which for me usually means getting ill. I've kept out of my flatmate's way and tried not to spend much time in the kitchen.
I would really value any thoughts on what else I can do to try and not catch this virus. My flatmate thinks he had it, but 3-4 days of a temperature and no other symptoms, could that be anything else?


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if you are having catarrh then relax as it is not a symptom of covid 19 as much as i know
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It's not actual catarrh, no snot (sorry), just a feeling of disease in the back of my nose/upper throat. Slight though, hardly anything.
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I've not been outside for all this time, so have been confined to my room, so lack of fresh air might be a factor? Also have a dicky tummy today, could be nerves??
To be honest there's little point in self-isolating if you share a home with someone going in and out all the time. Of course your flatmate could have had anything, he wouldn't know unless he'd been tested. He should be self-isolating for 14 days not 7 if he's been ill like that.
if your fren has run a temperature - not just felt hot but sticking a thermometer ,in his mush and it read 37.8'C

and you have run a temperature 37.8 then I think it is likely you have both had corona and should not go near the fella with one lung, who is on home oxygen ( 14 d)
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Thanks Andy, I have been doing this, but my sister sent me a message today showing that the hot water thing was a myth :( I am still gargling salt though!
Get fresh air if you can. Open bathroom and kitchen windows. Call 111 for advice
This time of year there are lots of things 'going around'. May have been Covid-19, could easily have been something else. Symptoms vary from individual to individual. Just take advised precautions and trust all is ok. Good luck finding a replacement spray.
Hard to imagine nations like Italy and Spain, devoted to the consumption of hot coffee falling so heavily to this virus.

I reserve the right to applaud this simple but secret cure if there's a sudden end to the crisis via Costa and Starbucks.
Andy, it is a myth that stomach acid will kill it
I'm not sure you can "kill" something that isn't living, anyway.
If only it was that easy. First, heat the virus; second, subject it to a saline solution; third, subject it to an immersion in approximately pH2 HCl acid!

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