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Cloverjo | 15:49 Fri 20th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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This might sound quite mad.
I am an anxious person. I worry about everything and nothing.
But, now that there is something definite to worry about (Coronavirus) I feel less anxious. It’s a bit weird. Anyone the same? Probably not, but just thought I’d mention it.


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worrying about a known gives you more to focus on than worrying about an infinite number of unknowns? Clarity clears the mind.
That makes sense in my experience.
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Thanks, jno. I think you’re right.
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Oh good. Thanks, theland
Me too - I think that the fact that the current event are not just happening to us and us alone actually helps.

I worry myself to the point of making myself ill about a few things, things that I have no control over. Yet other, major things, don't worry me at all.

I also worry about and take care of Frankie's health than my own. I have just emailed his vet to work out how he will get his next tablets without the need for a visit.
I am just the same, I can worry about almost anything and nothing but the bigger and more visible problems I can grasp and be practical about.
I don't usually worry a lot, but this terrifies me in so many ways for myself and my relatives.
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Thanks for the further answers. These are strange times. We’re all in it together.
Wish I had seen this thread earlier. I suffer from chronic anxiety. I worry about everything and it makes me ill! I am having counselling for it with a lovely lady (at present by Phone). However I am worrying far less about covid 19 than all the silly things that continually persecute me!

This situation which affects all of us makes me feel that I am part of something bigger and takes away to a certain extent my own anxieties. There is a communality around.
Absolutely Rosie.
Yes, I think when you are not alone with your worry, and most of us are worried now, then that helps with anxiety.
I think it just puts a reason to it, which is rational. Mine is usually nonspecific, nameless, shapeless... it's just a physical feeling... so an actual concern, makes it make more sense.
I am not anxious about the virus, to be honest I'm scared, not due to peak for at least another 2 weeks. Infection rate and death toll seems to be rising exponentially. We are self isolating the best we can.
I think we are all frightened, but all in it together. I am very concerned for the future becsuse this is going to be a long haul.

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