Dizziness And Nausea

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tiggerblue10 | 09:50 Wed 18th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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Woke up this morning and my head was spinning. Sat up and felt a bit nauseous as well. The sore throat that I had yesterday has gone and I'm not sure what it is that I've got but I've also had several trips to the loo! I haven't vomited.....yet.

It's probably just a mild S&D bug and there are no symptoms of coronavirus. Going to keep Little Tiggs off school as I can't take him and also my parents are not leaving their house.

I hope I don't come down with Covid 19 as well!! :o(


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Sounds like a D&V though I'm not a Dr. There are lots of bugs around as well as corona. See how it goes, keep warm, drink plenty and take care.
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Will do, Roo x

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Dizziness And Nausea

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