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Bazile | 00:46 Sun 15th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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Someone I know visited a care home on Friday

It has since transpired that one of the residents was admitted to hospital on Wednesday and has since been diagnosed with the virus

Do you think the visitor should self Isolate ?


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was the someone in direct contact with the infected person? If so, I would. If not, then maybe not, but I'd be careful all the same.
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Thing is how far down the line does it go

What about the people that the visitor has since come into contact with - i.e. family , colleagues ,friends
Them person who visited must know how close they got to others and that would be the main deciding factor before phoning and asking for testing - otherwise self isolate.
Mamya they won't test now unless you are seriously ill with it.
Fair comment, then if said visitor had close contact with the patient they should at least self isolate and warn others they have been in contact with.
woofgangMamya they won't test now unless you are seriously ill with it

Can get tested in a drive through not to far away from me.
I believe that the policy has changed since then.
Didn't know that, woofgang. Could get one yesterday.
They something like Alexa to sign in so visitors are not using the same pen.
Is self isolate Newspeak for stay at home?
Yes, Jd.
You need an appointment slot for the drive through
they have a choice

next bed I weoiuld and next building but one I wouldnt
Is self isolate Newspeak for stay at home?
like is swimming the same as drwoning
sozza just getting into AB morning newspeak
with added thought processes !
Personally, I think they should. Even if they didn't come into contact with the carrier directly, chances are they came into contact with someone who did. Better safe that sorry.
Personally I'd not go out more than I needed to anyway, but if I wasn't showing symptoms then I'd not feel obliged to stay in. If the disease passes before there's symptoms there's litte chance of preventing it spreading anyway. Unless everyone stays isolated for a month or so.

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