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fruitsalad | 17:32 Fri 21st Feb 2020 | Body & Soul
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I have recently had a crown fitted which has given me pain on and off since, the dentist has now suggested I have root canal treatment, (I would rather have the tooth out and be done with it) what does root canal actually involve and does it mean I will keep the crown?


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A normal filling doesn't go that deep and doesn't interfere with the nerve of the tooth.
A root canal involves drilling deeper and removing all of the nerve of the tooth. The tooth will die and you will feel no more pain from it again. This will enable you to keep your crown - assuming the procedure is successful, as there is a very small percentage that fail.
There is quite a bit of drilling involved, but it's painless as the area will be numbed .... it's just a bit uncomfortable with all the drilling - but if you want to keep the tooth/crown, it's worth it in my opinion.
I recently had a 3 hour route canal procedure..I recon its on a par with a vat inspection!
I agree with Giz.
I don't know why root canal seems to alarm so many people.
It does go on a bit, but you usually get several injections before starting.

Nothing to worry about :o)))
Root canal treatment sounds much worse than it is. I’ve had several and I’d rather have it again than a tooth removed.
^^^I'd rather have root canal than any VAT inspection ;o)
They remove all inside the tooth and fill it. Not a massive issue these days with modern dentistry and pain killer. If it becomes uncomfortable then the dentist can give more painkiller. No issue.
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me...
If the crown was fitted by the dentist who's now recommending root canal treatment, I'd change dentists. Normally, a dentist would at least check the nerve before fitting the crown.
I've had the dreaded root canal and all I can say is, never again.
Question Author
I am going to see if they will remove it, that will be the quicker option
I’d put up with anything to retain my teeth and have had two root fillings with subsequent crowns.
You don’t feel a thing, please don’t have your tooth removed, even gaps at the back are noticeable.
"^^^I'd rather have root canal than any VAT inspection ;o)"

Less taxing?
I fell asleep during my last root canal.

That said - there's a very slight chance the anaesthetic won't work. Ask the dentist before he starts.
I have had it but I can’t remember much about it so mustn’t have been painful or traumatic. Never had any problem with that tooth since, and I agree with the others who say that keeping the tooth is the best option.
The problem with root canal treatment - I’ve had it with three different dentists - is partly that it’s not guaranteed to work for one thing. So you can end up spending a lot of time and money for nothing.
Pain-wise the issue can often be that the anaesthetic simply can’t get to all the bits the dentist is working on, which can mean the occasional nasty jolt.
If there isn’t a cosmetic issue then I’d say you’d be better off with extraction. Depending on the prognosis.
I'd keep the tooth, but bear in mnid that root canals and crowns don't necessarily last forever.. Some of mine have lasted 20 years before I've had to have the tooth extracted. Still better to have a tooth for 20 years than no tooth for 20 years
if it is at the back - get removed. I had root canals then crowns and what happened the tooth underneath the crown became weak with losing the nerve and then were 2 and so fell out - now I have implants. Had to get them as they were my four front teeth
////You don’t feel a thing, please don’t have your tooth removed, even gaps at the back are noticeable./// Only if you LOL

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