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sherrardk | 00:36 Sun 16th Feb 2020 | Body & Soul
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Boy #2 has to have an MRI for some problem with his arm/elbow/shoulder, what should he expect? From the medical dramas I have watched they seem really noisy.


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I have had MRIs on both shoulders. It was fine. Yes, the machine makes a clanking noise but it wasn't a problem. It was quite warm and cosy really when I switched my mind off to it.
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Thank you.
The first one I had was really noisy but the second was much quieter.
They tuck you in nice and comfy so you don't move the bit needing done, keep you informed with how long the next wee bit is going to take, eg this one is 30 seconds, then - this one is going to be 45 seconds etc etc.
The top of the tube is much closer to your face than you think.
Just remember to make sure the machine is plugged in.
(long story but I cried laughing)
When I had my shoulders MRI`d my Mum was dying so I was under a lot of stress so I can`t remember much but I think it took about 20 minutes per shoulder. I know people say that you can play music while you have it done but that wasn`t offered, nor did I feel that I needed it. I`m sure that relaxation aids would be available if needed though.
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Thanks all - he’s not bothered about it but I still feel the need to (over) mother him.
I had an MRI scan just 10 days ago and it was an absolute doddle! (I actually enjoyed the experience but that might just be because I'm a bit weird!)

All I had to do was to strip off, apart from my underpants and my shoes and socks and put on a couple of hospital gowns. Then I simply had to lie down on the bed that slides into the machine, while wearing headphones with my choice of music playing. (I opted for their classical selection). The bed I was lying on moved along, almost imperceptibly, from time time. The machine made lots of odd noises, which kept changing from fairly low notes to some higher-pitched ones and came in batches. (i.e. there would be a few minutes of one repeating sound, then a short pause before a completely different sound took over).

I was in the machine for about 35 minutes but the time a patient spends inside it will vary, depending upon how much of the body needs to be scanned. (I had a full body scan. Your son will probably be in the machine for far less time than that if it's only an upper limb that's being scanned).

Despite the combination of the noise from the machine and the Hallelujah Chorus blasting in my ears, I found the whole experience very restful and I was nearly asleep when it ended!

Youtube is packed with helpful videos. Here's just one of them:

Not sure how old your son is but if he has any piercings they will have to come out , the machine is magnetic and any metal parts will vibrate and cause damage. Read the instructions carefully. My son works in MRI and says a lot of people don't bother to. He had a chap who had a fragment of metal in his eye and an older man with an older model pacemaker!
My daughter had mri scan 3 years ago (she was 9 then) and I was allowed to go in with her. She was asked if she wanted to watch something and she choose Harry Potter :) . Very noisy at times but as long as they stay still it doesn't take long.

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Mri - What To Expect

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