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pumpjack | 09:53 Fri 07th Feb 2020 | Body & Soul
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i get very noticeable pains in joints even when sleeping , pulsating pains in joints mostly hips, shoulder and knee joints, even when in bed and wake up from sleeping, i had bloods taken last year, nothing showed which i was puzzled by , there must be some thing the doc can do to rule these out ?
sometime my knees are sore and not easy to stand after sitting, doc says this is only wear and tear at my age 52 yr old .
ive had gout for years and when i go to walk after some rest my feet are sore especially in mornings, feels like bones are broke in feet but this pain is different from my joint pain.


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i have osteoarthiritis and this sounds very similar, can you get some x rays done which will tell your doctor for sure.
"i had bloods taken last year, nothing showed which i was puzzled by , there must be some thing the doc can do to rule these out ?"

rule what out?
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i would go back to docs.. and explain what you have on here, they have more of a clue.
oh, what was removed i wonder?
Some daft spam, Bednobs.
Bednobs, I've never understood the point of answers directing ABers to Google...
The feet thing sounds like peripheral neuropathy, the rest could be related.
you can take pills for gout; don't know if they'll cure your other problems, though.
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( rule what out? )

the pain what do you think ?
i dont get it - how can you rule out pain?
i think you must be using "rule out" in a sense ive never heard before
So far as I am aware there are no doctors (apart from Sqad) on this site, so any responses are pure speculation. As has been said already, a visit to your GP might be your best option.
Visit your go again and maybe ask to be referred to a rheumatologist.
Are your joints hot red and swollen or do they look normal
Are they stiff, or just painful
Did you have a virus before it started
How long has it been going on for
More info and it will be easier to point you in the right direction.

First of all, I'm not a doc, and I suppose neither of commenters are.
Set an appointment first. It's worth checking. Better be safe than sorry.
As rowan said, check your joints. If they're red and painful to touch, then it could be arthritis. If the visit to a doc is problematic right now, you can have a look here: These guys can give you some tips on how to reduce the pain.
Stay healthy!

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